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Kenya could follow Uganda with proposed harsh anti-gay law

"Kick LGBT people out of Kenya completely," one parliament member proposed

By Emily Maskell

LGBTQ+ Pride rainbow flag blowing in the wind.
Kenya's proposal is a grim anti-LGBTQ bill. (Image: WikiCommons)

Following horrific legislation passed in Uganda earlier this year, Kenya may target its LGBTQ+ community next. 

Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill was passed, making it some of the harshest anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the world.

Individuals in Uganda who identify as LGBTQ+ or gender nonconforming can face up to 10 years in prison. All same-sex conduct in Uganda is also considered nonconsensual.

In Kenya, the so-called ‘Family Protection Bill’ will seemingly look to punish gay sex with prison time, or even the death penalty.

It’s reported that “aggravated homosexuality” and “promoting homosexuality” could also result in jail time. 

These details are according to a draft of the law and two lawmakers backing it in parliament, say Reuters.

The proposed new legislation will come as a devastating blow to Kenya’s LGBTQ+ community.

The news comes after Nairobi Pride was held in its capital earlier this month.

“Kick LGBT people out of Kenya completely”

Mohamed Ali, who is a Member of the Kenyan Parliament for Nyali Constituency, doesn’t believe gay Africans exist.

“I will ask them to take me to vote for that, to kick them out, kick LGBT people out of Kenya completely,” he said.

Kenya’s LGBTQ community were left in horror from the gruesome murder of Edwin Chiloba in January this year.

Similar legislative moves appear to be taking shape in other nations too, such as South Sudan and Tanzania, emboldened by the decision in Uganda.