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Why Tom Garratt’s IDGAF reaction to intimate video leak is so refreshing

Op-ed: The sport influencer’s unbothered response is a masterclass in fighting homophobia, writes Attitude’s Jamie Tabberer

By Jamie Tabberer

Two head and shoulder pictures of Jack Garratt
“How people are so comfortable being so publicly homophobic is mad" - Tom Garratt (Images: Instagram/@tgarratt10)

“What goes on holiday should stay on holiday!”

“If you’re not comfortable with a c**k in your face, there’s something wrong with you!”

“You’ve got to f**king firm it – unlike my mate did!”

And there’s more where that came from!

You’ve got to hand it to sports influencer Tom Garratt. He’s served more laugh-out-loud one-liners this week than Rishi Sunak, that culture war-stoking weasel, has in his entire life.

“I tossed me mate off seven years ago – I haven’t committed a war crime!” the ex-football player added of a newly leaked video of him performing (without much success, by all accounts!) an ‘intimate act’ on a friend on holiday, to the laughter and cheers of drinking buddies. “This s**t goes on!”

That it does. It’s the football world’s version of Drag Race stars snatching wigs in the werkroom. Category is: locker room banter on tour.

Clearly, there’s humour to be mined here. And to say Tom has milked things (ahem) would be an understatement.


Reacting to the reactions of me…

♬ original sound – Tom Garratt

“I might as well rinse this to the death!” he’s said himself, addressing the matter on his Pitch Side podcast, Twitter, TikTok and beyond. It would be nice to say no one cares, but his videos have millions of views.

(It’s queasy to think of the millions more the actual video will get on porn sites, despite sounding hilariously unsexy. Not that we’ve seen it, as the leak is an absolute violation of Tom’s privacy, as it would be if he were female.)

“It doesn’t mean I’m bi, it doesn’t mean I’m gay… Well, maybe it does. And if I am, I am!” – Tom Garratt

All power to him for leaning into it. Not long ago, someone in his shoes – a successful podcaster and content creator – might have entered blind panic at such a clip leaking. But it’s 2024, and his clownish indifference (“if anyone’s looking for a holiday buddy, I might be going to Tenerife” – I am, Tom!) is a breath of fresh air. 

“It doesn’t mean I’m bi, it doesn’t mean I’m gay… Well, maybe it does. And if I am, I am! All right?” he furthermore added, underlining the crucial fact that, whatever a person does in private, nobody is obliged to ‘come out’, label themselves, or assume an identity. Even if they are, as Tom claims to be, “partial” to “being a bit fruity”. (Whatever that means.)

It’s just not a big deal – at least not to him. And I’d venture it’s not to most card-carrying LGBTQs either. Certainly, Attitude’s Instagram post on the story has been met with overwhelmingly positive comments from readers praising Tom’s nonchalance.

What’s more, there will be plenty more struggling in secret with who they are and what they like, who dare not even like an IG post like ours, who will be inspired and reassured by Tom’s low-key strength of character at what may privately have been a stressful time. Of how effortlessly he’s shrugged the problem off. And another added bonus to Tom’s IDGAF attitude? Of how well he’s played this whole saga? Exposing prejudice.

“How people are so comfortable being so publicly homophobic is mad,” Tom’s said, before highlighting the scores of negative comments he’s received from sports pundits and anonymous trolls alike.

“I can’t unsee it!” said one of the video. “Why did you watch it then?” Tom replied. Touché.