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How to make bottoming a breeze and stay ready with Pure for Men this Christmas

In partnership with Pure for Men.

By Jamie Tabberer

The average Brit consumes 6,000 calories on Christmas Day, it has been estimated.

Terrifying, right?

Now imagine the effect of the festive period – and all the eating and drinking that entails – on the digestive system. And, in turn, on anal sex.

Might we suggest, then, that Santa comes early this year with the Pure for Men Stay Ready Holiday Bundle: a selection of all-natural cleanliness supplements and personal hygiene products to make bottoming a breeze.

(Equally, if you simply want to keep clean, light, and regular for the sake of it, Pure’s got your back. And your backside).

Here, we take a look at the products inside the collection – all of which work with your body instead of against it – as well as sharing four more tips on how to make anal sex easier.

Why should I increase my fibre intake?

Fibre is an essential part of your diet and great for your health, body, energy levels and internal cleanliness – and, in turn, your sex life.

It speeds up the digestive system and bulks up the stool; it contains substances like cellulose, lignin and pectin, all resistant to the action of digestive enzymes, as such, fibre cleans out the digestive tract as it travels through your body.

Pure for Men, have created the perfect product to reap the rewards of the nutrient: a premium supplement containing all-natural ingredients including flax seeds, chia seeds, psyllium husk and aloe vera to keep your bowel movements tight and pick up any extra debris. (Non-capsule powder fibre supplements are also available.)

What’s in the Pure for Men Stay Ready Holiday Bundle?

The collection includes the fibre supplement, plus wipes infused with vitamin E, micellar, and aloe vera for eliminating odour and keeping you fresh, and a candle enthused with sweet and subtle scents of fresh bergamot and dark oak to help get you in the mood.

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