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Guys, here’s how to get your collagen and protein fix

In partnership with Absolute Collagen

By Will Stroude

Containing 7.7g of protein and the highest concentration of marine collagen on the market, Absolute Collagen for Men is the ideal starting place to look after yourself, your appearance and your wellbeing.

With direct-to-door delivery every 14 days, its powerful formula provides a 100 percent natural way of making users feel the best version of themselves, by supporting healthy skin, a smoother shave and healthier, thicker and faster-growing hair.

Infused with vitamin C for maximum absorption, each sachet is packed with 8000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen, which works to enhance skin rejuvenation and tissue renewal, meaning skin feels soft, hydrated and firm.

Starting from £27, each Absolute Collagen for Men box contains 14 ready-mixed 10ml sachets which can either be taken on their own, or added to hot or cold drinks and food. Packed with protein and essential amino acids, each serving is also ideal as a post-workout boost.

Free from lactose, gluten and dairy, and with no artificial flavours, colours or added sugar, the liquid supplement can be easily incorporated into any diet.

As the supplement is Informed-Sports tested, users can be confident each batch contains high-quality marine collagen, a little natural sweetener and no other prohibited ingredients.

What’s more, each daily 10ml sachet contains only 32 calories.

Why collagen?

Collagen is most commonly found in the skin, bones and connective tissue within the body, providing structural support, strength and a degree of elasticity.

Natural production starts to decline around the age of 25, reducing the structural integrity of the skin and leading to the formation of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

Taking collagen supplements can therefore provide the daily dose required for optimum skin rejuvenation and tissue renewal, resulting in softer and more hydrated skin with fewer wrinkles.