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Chisell: Define your jawline with simple new home workout tool

In partnership with Chisell.

By Will Stroude

Home workouts have been all the rage in 2020, but a new product is proving that the old adage ‘there’s no gym for the face’ is wrong after all.

Chisell is simple but effective way to define your jawline from the comfort of your own home by gently working out your facial muscles to take weak chin to a Hollywood-ready profile in a matter of weeks.

In fact, it’s so simple, it’s hard to believe jawline training is only now beginning to take off as an affordable and non-invasive way to sculpt your facial features.

Image: Gleb Fjodoroff

No one wants to think about invasive treatment when a natural, non-surgical workout can do the job, and Chisell‘s sleek range of products mean you can treat your facial muscles with the same care you give to the rest of your body.

So how does it work?

A defined jawline is all about creating a shadow around the jaw and neck, and by working out your masseter muscles (the ones you use for chewing), you can build them up to create a wider, stronger jaw.

Consider it bicep curls for the face, basically.

Image: Gleb Fjodoroff

Having worked with a range of dental professional across the world, Chisell recommends chewing the product for just 10-15 minutes two to three times a week, with visibile results within a couple of short months (usually between one-three).

Chisell offers three resistances – light bite, regular bite, and tough bite – so beginners can ease themselves in and can continue using the product can continue to incorporate a jaw-based workout into their daily routine and train their masseter muscle to a size that 

With a clean monochrome design and discreet packaging, Chisell is the perfect beauty accessory to keep at home or use on the go. Happy chewing…

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