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Celebrate Pride at the The Tokyo Edition Toranomon

The hotel is a putting their space to good use during Pride month

By Joseph Kocharian

Cool Customers

The Edition Hotels are known around the world for being unequivocally cool spaces, but the Tokyo Edition Toranomon might be the coolest of them all. The thought entered my brain as I looked at the man checking in next to me sporting an incredible haircut of spiral ram-horns shaved into his head.

He completed his look with an oversized Celine white tee and a cute little Rimowa saddle bag. I resisted the urge to ask him if his star-sign was Aries and if I could get an inspirational photo of his hair for future fashion shoot. My Fashion Director eye scanned my surroundings and saw the lobby was full of well-dressed guests, wearing the achingly-understated-yet-incredible fashion, that Tokyo is so well known for.

It’s worlds away from the stuffy suit corporate vibe that many other five-star hotels fall into the trap of. It’s no surprise to me that the cool-kids gravitate towards the Tokyo Edition Toranomon. The hotel, designed by Kengo Kuma, has brilliantly infused Japanese culture with contemporary spaces where you want to hang out. Even cleverer is their ability to not make it pretentious (again another trap that a five-star hotel can fall into).

I felt just as comfortable, around the staff and the patrons, arriving in my long-haul airport clothes as I did when I was dressed up for dinner. This fits in with one of the hotel’s pillars: making you feel like you’re in a home-away from home. 

Instant Wow-factor

The hotel’s wow moments begin the second you step out of the lift onto the 31st floor lobby. You’re greeted by a jaw-dropping, conservatory-style, lobby space, that looks out onto the incredible Tokyo skyline and flood the space with beautiful light. The blonde wood Japanese aesthetic is perfectly matched with a forest of greenery, that is literally overflowing in the space. Plants spilled and cascaded out, which made me feel like I didn’t want to go straight to my room. That was quite the feat, having just hopped off a delayed, fifteen-hour flight.

The clever interior design offers up plenty of ways the space can be used. You can get nestled in amongst the plants for a bespoke cocktail or afternoon tea. You can work or have a business meeting at their tables, or have lunch at their blue room off to the side. In total it can seat 120 guests, whether you’re at the bar, on a couch or working away on your laptop. 

The Tokyo Edition Lobby Bar (image provided)
The Tokyo Edition Lobby Bar (image provided)

Pride at The Tokyo Edition

The hotel is also putting the space to good use during Pride month. On the 21st of June, the Tokyo Edition Toranomon is hosting the Queen’s High Tea, in their incredible Lobby bar. They’ve created a pride twist on their botanical Edition afternoon tea. This includes: a mouth-watering selection of treats: a delicious green pea mousse tart, smoked salmon & cottage cheese brioche, elderflower canelé, rainbow cake, and of course, the good old scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam.

As well as the afternoon tea, you can also enjoy the mega-city views with cocktails whilst you mingle with guests and drag queens at the event. There is even a specially crafted spilling Tea cocktail that pays homage to both the authentic an celebrated culture of Japan, and also the LGBTQ+ community. A proportion of the proceeds are being donated to local LGBTQ+ charity Rebit, before heading down to the afterparty at the hotel’s Gold bar. You can reserve your spot at the Queen’s High Tea here.

Bed in the clouds

After finally prizing myself away from the beautiful lobby, I went to my deluxe tower view room. This continued the feeling of lush, luxury zen, which is just what you want from your hotel room. The space is infused with Japanese details, including light wooden slats that separated the bathroom area from the main room.

Little thoughtful touches go a long way too. On the table, a card from the hotel with little pride rainbow cakes welcomed me. The beds are cloudlike comfortable, which is just as well as you’re high up in the sky. One of the joys of being in a deluxe tower room is seeing the immense Tokyo landscape. You’re treated to views of the iconic orange Tokyo tower and the Bay area, that changes during the day.

When I arrived, I took a moment. Sitting in the sanctuary that was my room, in my super-soft robe and slippers, I looked to see the infamous orange tower, blue skies and the mega-city sprawled out below me. In the evening, it was a different kind of enchanting. The lights put on quite a show, pulsing like a heart-beat of lights. It really inspires you to go out and see the city. Then, once you’ve worn yourself out, you can come back and pamper yourself with the La Labo product and the Japanese tub and rainfall shower, before going for dinner. 

Deluxe Tower View Room (image provided)
The Edition Penthouse (image provided)

Based in Toranomon Hills, the hotel and right by a subway station, the hotel was perfectly placed for me to go exploring on my own. I crammed in the culture, nearby shrines and the Mori Art Museum and Tokyo tower. These are all right on the Edition Toranomon’s doorstep. I had a lot on my trip schedule, so having the subway right by the hotel was perfect to whizz around on, whether I was finding a Naruto exhibition, the Yayoi Kusama museum or shopping in Shibuya.  

Eat and drink at The Tokyo Edition

After a long day of exploring the metropolis, it was time for dinner at the Jade Room (I’d felt quite smug, as the guy on the desk, saw me and presumed that I was heading to the Chanel show, which many guests were. I figured my outfit must have been on point that evening). Instead of going to look at all the fashion, I was heading to the Jade Room restaurant and terrace in the hotel. It’s a beautiful, low-light chic restaurant, with Michelin-starred chef, Tom Aitkens, at the helm.

I sat down for a seven-course taster, where every course was paired perfectly with an accompanying wine. Their five-course taster also piqued my interest, as the restaurant likes to highlight a region of Japan every season. They work with local farmers, producers and vendors. The current menu is focused on Yoichi Hokkaido, which is known for its fruit and wine, fish and whisky. Their chefs spend time visiting the regions, learning and working with the locals, before creating culinary masterpieces back in Tokyo, inspired by the area.

Deliciousness is in the detail

The attention to detail with the dishes is heaven for a foodie. I tucked into one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, the foamy and light onion custard with bread miso and grains complete with cheese from Hokkaido. The chefs really were inventive with their creations. Nuances, such as egg shavings on my asparagus and caviar, were as tasty as unexpected. The Brits had a fun twist on Wimbledon with a delicious strawberry, white chocolate and basil dessert. With strawberry being a popular flavour in both Japan and UK, it was the perfect blend. Yellow grouper fish, and wagyu beef were also highlights on the menu, paired with Sake and Hokkaido orange wine. 

The Jade Room (image provided)
The Jade Room terrace (image provided)

The Jade Rooms have an inviting view out onto the garden terrace, which I visited after my meal. Once again, there was a lush abundance of foliage on the terrace, which makes for a beautiful and romantic setting. Dining out on the terrace is more casual than inside. This spot is somewhere you can enjoy a cocktail with yet another great vantage point of the city.

Speaking of cocktails, The Gold Bar on the ground floor of the hotel continues the immersive experience. It takes you right back to the golden age of cocktails, where you can sit on plush sofas, or perch at the bar with their impressive wall of beverages. Here, you can enjoy classics, such as a martini or a Manhattan. Not content with those? They have a range of experimental cocktails too. Tempted to try their Two Faces cocktails, I opened up their illustrated menu, and was handed a U.V torch which revealed a secondary list of ingredients for each drink. I went for the Two faces of fruit, with their Curious Cacao fizz, which mixed in cacao with plum and citrus.

‘A Home from Home’

Every area of the hotel has been considered to envelop you with a cool concept, and the greenery really makes the spaces in the hotel feel special, enticing you to stay longer in the hotel, rather than out in the city, which is no mean feat with Tokyo, which is a technicolour treasure trove of adventures waiting to be had. The hotel is filled with chic Alice in Wonderland moments, making it much more intriguing than your usual five-star hotel. 

The Edition Hotel Tokyo Toranomon has all the amenities you want from a luxury hotel, including a pool and spa, gym and super comfortable rooms. But, they really manage to get all the right vibes going. In terms of LGBTQ+, being welcomed and seeing the community celebrated really made their ethos of ‘home away from home’ connect with me. It’s important to feel welcome. 

You can book a stay at the Tokyo Toranomon here.

Reservations for the Queen’s High Tea can be found at the

Queen’s High Tea (image provided)