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The top five winter getaways for 2016

By Attitude Magazine

In association with HomeAway

If you’re disappointed by the lack of snow and ice over the Christmas period, then why not consider one of the following winter holiday destinations, where you’ll be sure to get your fill of both. And what better to pack your bags and go than January – officially the most depressing month of the year!

We’ve asked the experts at holiday rental firm HomeAway for their advice on the very best destinations to experience during the winter wonderland months. Here are their top tips…

Rhone-Alpes, France


For amazing mountain scenery, an abundance of winter sport activities and all the snow that you could wish for then head to the Alps! Apartments in the region can be rented for as little as £80 a night on HomeAway, making the Alps surprisingly affordable. Whether you want to sit back and drink a few beers in sight of the impressive mountain peaks or if you want to strap on your skis, the Rhone-Alps are the perfect winter location.

Rovaniemi, Finland


Located in Lapland, northern-Finland, Rovaniemi is the official home of that bearded, pot-bellied fella’ Santa Claus. The town is a living, breathing Christmas cliché. You might think it had dropped straight out of a Hollywood Xmas movie or a children’s fairy-tale story. Visit the Artic-Circle grotto to spend some time with Santa, or simply enjoy the mountains of snow and sight of reindeer. But beware, Rovaniemi is extremely far north, so be sure to pack an extra jumper or two!

Transylvania, Romanitransilvaniya-rumyniya-karpaty

Take a tour through Transylvania and imagine yourself back in the mediaeval era – or in a version of Westeros where winter has finally arrived! With the gothic castles, the occasional horse-drawn cart and a back drop featuring the Carpathian Mountains such imaginations are easy to come by. You can even stay in an ice hotel at Lake Balea if you wish.

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland


If you are more the kind you likes to ‘get away from it all’ and head into the ‘wilderness’ then perhaps a trip to Scotland is right for you. This time of year there is plenty of snow on the ground and on the peaks. It’s a beautiful country and in the Cairngorms National Park there are plenty of well mapped and signposted footpaths to follow.

Berlin, Germany


If you prefer city getaways but still want to see some snow then try Berlin. The city is cold this time of year, with temperatures dropping as low as -10, so bring warm clothes. You can trudge along the snow lined streets, through the parks covered in blankets of snow and visit the multitude of museums, cafes, bars and art galleries.

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