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New job in Spain? Why you should learn Spanish

Every year, thousands if not millions of people all over the world learn a foreign language.

By Will Stroude

Every year, thousands if not millions of people all over the world learn a foreign language.

Some people do it for fun, others to pass the time, others still to communicate with friends and family. Yet many will hire language tutors to help their careers and grow as a person.

Why Learn a Foreign Language?

Working and Studying Abroad

Some students choose to study abroad on schemes like Erasmus. Anyone who has ever studied abroad knows how important it is to learn the language of the host country.

They need it to communicate with local authorities and with faculty. Learn with Spanish tutor from London, and you will have a high level of competence with the language in no time.

Students have more opportunities to study abroad today, but increasingly people in the prime of their careers learn foreign languages to push their careers forward.

Moving abroad to take up a new post where one needs a second or even third language to fit in is more common than it was even ten years ago. There are many British ex-pats in Spain, for example, but few who speak Spanish.

It’s a Globalised World

In this competitive global market, when looking for a new job, you might find you are passed over for somebody who speaks multiple languages, even if the job does not require it.

As countries increasingly come together and form trade links, with easier migration than ever before, language skills are necessary.

Most businesses have divisions and headquarters all over the world. Moving abroad for work is much more common among regular employees, usually on short-term cover transfers – for example, maternity leave.

Language opens doors that might otherwise be closed to you. Your ideal role might be just around the corner; don’t let your lack of Spanish hold you back.

Why Learn Spanish?

It’s true that most people in Spain speak English, it’s not true that everybody does. All it takes is for you to encounter the wrong person.

A low-level government official, being called as a court witness, or an administrator you need to work with to adhere to your legal requirements, and everything gets much more difficult.

Spanish is one of the romantic languages and closely related to French and Italian. If you understand either of those languages, you will pick up Spanish in next to no time.

Emerging markets in South America means it’s a great investment for your future. Also, did you know that Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the USA? Some 41 million people speak Spanish in the US, either as a first or second language.

Wherever you go in the Spanish speaking world, learn with a Spanish tutor from London before you go.

It’s Easy to Learn with Spanish tutor from London

There are two main methods of learning a foreign language.

You could join a college night class, in which case you will be in a classroom full of people. There are drawbacks to this – mostly that the tutor cannot pay attention to your specific needs. It does promote communal learning and help, which is fine if you work better that way. However, does your current schedule permit it?

The second method is to hire a one-to-one individual tutor. Learn with a dedicated Spanish tutor and you’ll learn to speak the language faster than you would in a class.

Tutors provide one-to-one mentoring, and you can organise a time and a place for your lesson rather than sticking to a weekly schedule. Tutors work with a schedule that works for both of you.

If time is short for learning a new language, such as taking up a new job in three months, this schedule is far easier.