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Hard Rock Hotels launch specially curated ‘Love Out Loud Suites’ in support of LGBTQIA+ community 

Here's how you can book a stay in one

By Charlotte Manning

Hard Rock Hotel Dublin
Hard Rock Hotels have asked LGBTQ+ creatives to curate rooms in their properties (Image: Supplied)

Hard Rock Hotels is celebrating its ongoing support of the LGBTQIA+ community with the launch of one of a kind curated Love Out Loud Suites in locations across Europe.

For the next few weeks, holiday-goers will be able to book specially tailored rooms across three of their hotels. They’ll all be giving guests that little bit of extra sparkle. 

The hotels are focussing on bringing to life the brand’s core founding mottos, “Love All, Serve All” and “All Is One,” while encouraging allies everywhere to “Love Out Loud.” 

Each property has partnered with notable LGBTQIA+ figures in their local communities to design the suites, topped with unique food and beverage offerings, entertainment experiences, Pride playlists, and community fundraising events.

Guests will be able to book experiences in hotspots such as Marbella, Dublin and Madrid. Here’s a taster of what you’ll be able to experience.

Colin Horgan Hard Rock Hotel Dublin
Colin Horgan has been working his magic in Dublin (Image: Supplied)
hard rock hotels Dublin
Cute details… (Image: Supplied)

Hard Rock Dublin 

The Irish destination has teamed up with Kerry-born fashion designer Colin Horgan for their latest campaign. 

He’s worked to create an unforgettable space bringing to life his personality and signature design features. 

These include hand-stitching, a sculptural effect headboard and sophisticated colour scheme – as well as fun background music. 

Hard Rock Hotel Dublin will be donating €100 for every booking to Colin’s chosen LGBTQ+ charity, (Gay Community News). This is a free information service paper and website for the LGBTQ+ community in Ireland. 

Love Out Loud Suite available to book here between 20th June – 20th July 2023.

Hard Rock Madrid

Over in the Spanish capital, the hotel has partnered with comedian, screenwriter and YouTuber, Caroline Iglesias (aka Percebes y Grelos). 

Caroline has sought to reimagine the hotel’s Gold Suite with Terrace and created a Instagram-worthy hotspot with her take on Pride. 

The hotel will be donating 40% of proceeds from bookings to local charity Fundacion Eddy. 

This is the first foster home in Spain for LGBTQ+ young people, who have been victims of violence, bullying or any other form of discrimination. 

Those who need to are able to seek refuge and support from the charity. 

Love Out Loud Suite available to book here via email between 20th June – 20th July.

Hard Rock Hotel Marbella
We’re loving the vibrant shades (Image: Supplied)
Hard Rock Hotel Marbella
There’s plenty of colour in the Hard Rock Marbella (Image: Supplied)

Hard Rock Marbella 

Lastly, Spanish painter and sculptor JoGi will be bringing their signature bright colours, neon tones and iconic cartoon characters to Hard Rock Marbella.

Donations of €100 each night the suite is booked will go to Ojala.

This is a safe space created for members of the LGBTQIA+ community free of any discrimination. 

Love Out Loud Suite available to book here from 28th June.