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Gay nightlife in Europe: Five cities you haven’t tried before

Fancy a European adventure with a special someone or a group of friends? These five European cities have fantastic gay scenes, clubs, casinos – and you should experience them!

By Will Stroude

The gay community often gravitate towards the likes of Malta, the Algarve, London, Brussels, and the Spanish Islands. But there is way more to explore in central and eastern European countries. These places may not have been on your bucket list because of their history, but today, they have thriving gay districts waiting for you to explore.

Learn more about these urban playgrounds and their cool gay venues, right here!

1) Prague

There are lots of reasons to visit Prague, from its characterful architecture, beautiful scenery, and of course, bursting gay scene. The Eastern Bloc of countries is not exactly known for being the most gay-friendly places, but Prague is arguably the shining beacon of acceptance.

If you do head out there, you should make Vinohrady your must-go place on an evening. This is outside of the old town but the main area for gay bars and clubs. It is easily reachable via public transport from the centre.

When closer to the city, there are still lots to see and do. There is an opera house, theatre and a wealth of fun casinos. PartyCasino even named Prague as one of the gambling hotspots in Europe. How’s your luck?

2) Budapest

Since the fall of Communism, Budapest’s gay scene has flourished. No longer is it a secretive community, but rather, loud and proud.

Budapest has hosted a Pride event since the early 90s, but if you go at other times of the year, you will still have plenty to do. Some of the clubs to visit include Why Not, Madrid Bar, Funny Carrot, Capella Café, Underworld Club – and there is even a gay-friendly sauna in the city.

3) Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the hottest Greek islands for the gay community. Every year, thousands of people flock to the island to experience the thriving gay nightlife. You’ll find lots of photos from the events taking place here if you jump onto Insta. It is a picture-perfect destination.

If you do travel here with your friends, make sure you experience Jackie O’ and Elia Beach when they are in full flow. Another stop on your itinerary should be at54 Club. It’s a chic and colourful venue, perfect for a cocktail or three!

4) Berlin

Berlin is arguably the best city for nightlife on the whole continent. Schöneberg is the central area for gay nightlife in Berlin. This is where you will find the heartbeat of the gay community with a string of bars, clubs and karaoke clubs.

However, there are plenty of other areas you can explore: Kreuzberg, Prenzlauer Berg and Neukölln are all fascinating places to spend an evening as a gay group. Some even argue that Schöneberg is the gay capital of the world because it is the home of the first-ever LGBTQ organisation.

5) Krakow

The gay scene of Krakow won’t be as in your face and obvious to find compared to visiting Berlin, but once you do discover it, you can have just as much fun.

The gay district has been slowly growing over recent years and can be found condensed into the old Jewish area, namely the Kazimierz District. Here you will find several gay clubs and bars.

Note, no pride festival takes place in Krakow, but they do host a queer festival which is just as fun.

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