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Best stag activities for a weekend to remember

Organising the stag do? Here are some top ideas for giving the groom the best send-off.

By Will Stroude

We all love a wedding with glamour and pageantry highlighting the most special day in a couples’ lives, but what’s better than the day itself? The Stag do!

Whether it’s a day or a full weekend, the bachelor party will live long in the memories of all who attend and from scenic days out to nights of fun, there are stag activities to cater for all types of groomsmen.

Horse racing is one of the most popular stag party events


Horse racing days out prove to be a popular event for Stag parties as they’re fun and simple to organise. It doesn’t take much effort to pick out your best bets via online racecards, just select the meeting you’re at and decide which you fancy in a particular race. 

The buzz of thousands of spectators roaring their chosen steed to victory can be deafening and exhilarating, creating a chaotic atmosphere perfect for stag groups. Racecourses actively encourage stag parties and as long as the positive vibes stay, you’ll have a great time.

With plenty of options to choose from, you could select a general entry ticket and cruise around the grounds or if you’re feeling flush, you could get a stand or private booth and be waited on.

There are always plenty of bars at courses which will give you a wide selection of options (non-alcoholic choices are also available) and they usually stay open for a while after the last race so there’s no need to join the rush of people heading for the exits, you can continue the party whilst you wait for them to leave! 

Assault Courses

Prepare to get dirty!

We’ve all watched the TV on Saturday night and laughed at how rubbish Total Wipeout contestants are, and I’m sure most of us think we could do better than a few of them. It’s now easier than ever to put your money where your mouth is and try out an assault course with your stag party!

You can take on the big balls, get hit by inflatable obstacles and try your best to navigate through a watery course at a various locations across the UK. The laughs will flow more freely than the water and your competitive edge will show as you go head-to-head with the rest of the party in a bid to crown yourself champion.

For those who fancy themselves as elite athletes there’s always a leader board to challenge the best times recorded around the course and become the elusive all-time record breaker.

Once your ego has settled down from the battering it’ll have taken from the course, your night out can begin, and you’ll have anecdotes about the day to share for the evening and a lifetime. 

Clay Pigeon Shooting

The ultimate event for anyone with an interest in hunting, clay pigeon shooting is a premier activity for stag parties. Tasked to hit saucer-shaped targets made from limestone rock, the event provides a buzz which is unique to the majority of citizens.

When approaching a range, it’s often the first time competitors have held a gun and it generates a real comradery in the group, with everybody encouraging each other to smash the flying objects. The adrenaline will rush through you like never before as the targets come thick and fast. Each entrant will receive a score based on the number of clays they hit, so there will always be bragging rights for the sharpshooter.

The event is surprisingly fun and there are over 100 locations in the UK where you can find an event to suit your budget and party. You’ll have to put the beers on ice until you’ve completed the shoot, but you’ll feel like you’ve earned them as it’s more strenuous than you’d imagine!