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One-off Bentley Bentayga celebrates diversity with stunning hand-painted decal

The luxury SUV was decorated by renowned artist Stephen Wiltshire

By Dale Fox

A green Bentley SUV decorated with hand-drawn city skylines and people in black ink
This one-off Bentley Bentayga was decorated by renowned British artist Stephen Wiltshire (Image: Bentley)

Luxury car maker Bentley has unveiled a one-of-a-kind edition of its Bentayga SUV hand-painted in a decal to represent diversity, calling the unique model the “Belonging Bentayga”.

The hand-painted hybrid vehicle features skylines and landmark buildings from across the globe. British artist Stephen Wiltshire painstakingly painted everything from memory.

Stephen’s design also incorporates drawings of people of different nationalities. It’s the third such project unveiled by the Crewe-based manufacturer, showcasing its commitment to diversity.

Green Bentley Bentayga with custom decal sits by a backdrop of the London skyline
The design “celebrates Bentley craftsmanship and Stephen’s unique artistic genius” (Image: Bentley)

“This remarkable car celebrates Bentley craftsmanship and Stephen’s unique artistic genius. It’s also a key element in our Beyond100 strategy, which includes our industry-leading, five-step diversity and inclusion plan,” said Wayne Bruce, Bentley’s chief communications and diversity and inclusion officer.

“We’re very proud to be able to say that Bentley’s workforce is made up of people from 52 different nationalities, and our diverse team handcrafts and sells our luxury cars in 67 countries from retailers in all the key cities of the world,” Wayne added.

“The message that the unique and striking imagery of the Belonging Bentayga sends is that that no matter where you live, you belong.”

“Bringing people together”

Autistic savant Stephen has become renowned for his astonishing ability to draw cityscapes from memory after seeing them just once. His works include detailed drawings of various city skylines from Manhattan to Shanghai. He received an MBE for services to art in 2006.

“I have been on many travels throughout my career and what stands out for me the most are the buildings, their architecture and the people,” Stephen said.

“I believe Bentley and the Belonging Bentayga relate in the same way, bringing people together, creating a journey, creating memories. My art has always been about existing and connecting.”