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The future of artificial intelligence in online casinos: AI-powered chatbots, blockchain, and virtual reality

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By Sally Coles

Stock photo of a drawing of a person wearing VR glasses
(Image: Pixabay)

The advent of artificial intelligence several years ago has seen various industries make significant shifts in their various operations. One of the sectors that has experienced a major shift in how it serves its customers is the casino industry.

This technology now promises casino enthusiasts a more immersive gaming experience from the comfort of their homes.

So, how will AI help improve existing technologies being used in online casinos? This write-up discusses the future of AI in the casino industry, highlighting how it can help enhance trends like chatbots, blockchain, and VR so you understand what to expect in the near future. Read on!

Enhanced Customer Support Chatbots

Traditional chatbots rely on decision tree frameworks to offer faster and better customer support. However, while these chatbots have helped improve customer support in online casinos, they have their own limitations.

For instance, they are not as empathetic as a real human, which may leave customers feeling unsupported. Besides, more complex problems may arise, meaning customer representatives must be present to solve such issues.

Therefore, to avoid such limitations, developers are relying on AI and natural language processing (NLP) to create chatbots that can understand and interpret human language. With these two technologies, more online casinos will have virtual agents designed to interact with customers in a more conversational manner.

Today, brands are injecting their personalities into AI-powered chatbots to improve their customer support systems, a trend poised to become increasingly popular in the near future. As such, the chatbots that will be developed in future will probably be better at remembering previous interactions, allowing them to handle more complex queries within seconds.

The Fusion of Generative AI and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain and AI are two technologies that are opening doors to a whole new world of previously unimaginable opportunities. Each has independently revolutionised several industries, which is why their fusion is believed to hold even more potential for the future of the online casino industry.

Generative AI refers to the type of artificial intelligence capable of creating new content ideas, including images, texts, audio, and videos. On the other hand, blockchain technology is an advanced decentralised database or distributed ledger system capable of recording and sharing information in a more transparent and tamper-free manner.

In that case, the fusion of these two will help enhance efficiency and security in online casinos. For instance, they can trigger digital payments automatically once a game is won.

You see, with generative AI, it’s possible that writing smart contracts (self-executing digital agreements) will become more efficient and secure. Smart contracts are prone to human errors, including re-entry attacks, frontrunning, and syntax errors, which is a huge threat to their functionality and security.

Smart contracts have unique security requirements and programming language, which makes it hard for conventional software personnel to adapt quickly. As such, developers will in the future rely more on AI to write smart contracts because it can learn from existing code to generate optimised contracts. 

AI and Virtual Reality Expected to Help Create More Realistic Game Experiences

You may have heard about Apple Vision Pro, a spatial computer capable of blending data from the world around you in a more natural way. In the case of Apple Vision Pro, it helps users see their surroundings while still operating a digital environment.

This is to say that the fusion of AI and VR holds a huge potential in blurring the line between virtual and real worlds. So in the future, spatial computers are likely to rely more on AI to offer online casino players more immersive gameplay features and socialisation opportunities.

With predictive game models algorithms, it’s also likely that AI will help improve NLP capability to allow players to converse more naturally with virtual characters.

Last but not least, AI has object recognition and behavioural analysis capabilities, which means developers will likely rely more on it to integrate real-life objects into virtual environments.

Final Thought

AI holds a very huge potential in reshaping the online casino industry. Therefore, with game developers and gaming platforms increasingly focused on offering more realistic and immersive game experiences, it’s safe to assume that the future of AI in the casino industry is bright. This technology is expected to have more use cases, including content generation and analysing players’ behaviour, which will boost growth in the overall gaming industry.