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Colton Underwood and husband expecting first baby: ‘I cannot wait to watch Jordan become a dad’

“Our doctor actually let our surrogate tell us, which I thought was so special," The Bachelor star says

By Jamie Tabberer

A picture of Colton and his husband in a forest on the left, and on the right, with pictures of their baby's scan
Colton Underwood [second left] and husband Jordan C. Brown (Images: Instagram/@coltonunderwood/@Daddyhoodpodcast)

Colton Underwood and his husband have announced that they’re expecting their first baby.

Sharing the news in an exclusive with Men’s Health, the couple – who married on 13 May 2023 – revealed the baby’s due date is early October.

The Bachelor star Colton and political strategist Jordan C. Brown say they began their in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and surrogacy journey in 2022.

“An incredible experience” – Colton Underwood

Speaking to People about the announcement, Colton said: “That was one of the things we bonded over early in our relationship. We both wanted to be dads. But it’s been such an incredible experience for us to go through this together, and I cannot wait to watch Jordan become a dad.”

“Our doctor actually let our surrogate tell us, which I thought was so special,” the 32-year-old furthermore added. “She got to text us and share the exciting news. It was such a moment of, I think, relief for us. We’re so fortunate and lucky to have her.” 

The star previously opened up to the outlet about his experience of having a low sperm count – something he was eventually able to reverse, as detailed in his MH profile.

“I’ve had some fertility issues and struggles. I don’t think a lot of men openly talk about that,” Underwood told People.

“I mean right away, my husband gets his results back for his sperm count and he had incredible, great numbers, and I got mine back and all my sperm was dead,” he added. “And I think immediately I was just like, ‘Oh, what does this mean? It means I’m sterile and can’t have kids now.’ And it was not a great feeling.” 

Colton came out publicly as gay in April 2021. His other TV credits include The Masked Singer and Coming Out Colton.