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‘Drag Brunch’ is taking your post-night out debrief to new gay levels – review

The next gay brunch and bubbles take place at Leicester Square’s Hippodrome on May 26.

By Will Stroude

Everyone loves to brunch, and there’s no denying that as gay men, when we hear the phrase being uttered within a five mile radius of wherever we’re standing, a tingle rushes over our bodies.

But most of us have been brunching for years now. The same tired, old menu? Yawn. And no entertainment? Cheque please.

Whoever invented bottom-less prosecco and didn’t think to pair it with some kind of entertainment clearly didn’t love themselves. Imagine going to a club after getting plastered and realising there’s no music? Blasphemy.

But this is where Drag Brunch at Leicester Square’s Hippodrome handily comes in to save the day. Hosted by London’s very own Mary Mac, the aptly named It’s a Drag Brunch offers an action-packed, shade-filled show featuring performances from the likes of Crystal Lubricant, Herr and Cheryl Hole.

There’s musical theatre numbers, power-house vocals and enough shade to last you a lifetime.

There’s also a wide variety of food on the menu, all named after some of our favourite West End shows, and there’s the promise that any empty glass of prosecco will be filled throughout the show.

What more could you want? Drag queens? Check. Copious amounts of alcohol? Check. Slap-up meal? Check.

You can grab your tickets for the next event on May 26 here.

Doors open at 11:30am, and the resident queens will help serve all your brunch and bubbles, ready for the show to start at 12:30pm.