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Troye Sivan says he’s ‘never done poppers onstage’ after ‘Rush’ story: ‘I’d get really dizzy’

Exclusive: "I feel like that sounds kind of like a nightmare"

By Alastair James

Troye Sivan
Troye Sivan (Image: EMI Australia)

Troye Sivan has made no secret of the fact he took a hit of poppers before shooting the artwork for his single ‘Rush’. He’s now confirmed he’s never done the same before going on stage. Yet!

The Australian pop sensation has recently been in Cannes for the launch of his partnership with the ice cream brand Magnum.

Speaking exclusively to Attitude after the launch on Thursday (16 May) the ‘Rush’ singer confirmed: “I have never done poppers on stage.” He added: “No, no, no. I feel like that sounds kind of like a nightmare. I think I’d get really dizzy…”

It was in his cover interview for Rolling Stone AU/NZ last year that Sivan revealed he had taken poppers before shooting his ‘Rush’ imagery. Referencing the visible forehead vein, he told Rolling Stone: “It’s my favourite part of the picture.”

Elsewhere in the interview with Attitude the ‘Bloom’ singer also touched on his upcoming tour Something to Give Each Other. He said it was “unlike anything I’ve ever done before” and “beyond my wildest dreams.”

“We know how to make each other laugh” – Troye Sivan

He also discussed his friendship with Charli XCX with whom he is due to tour later this year. The pair have already collaborated on the track ‘1999’. “That’s another collaboration that just makes total sense to me,” Sivan said. “Charli and I are really good friends and we were both talking about touring at the same time and we were just like, ‘Why don’t we do it together and take our two shows and smash them together, and create this ultimate party?'”

Elaborating on their bond Sivan told Attitude that aside from their professional collaboration there is a strong friendship and sense of understanding. “I think that she’s funny, smart, and a visionary. More than ever now we’re starting to see just how impactful she’s been and she is.

“I also think there’s something to be said for the fact that she’s British and I’m Australian and we met in the US. There’s this baseline understanding, we know how to make each other laugh in some surreal experiences that we [have] found ourselves in together.”