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Watch | French firemen release new video for scorching charity calendar

By Will Stroude

Remember that group of French firemen stripping off for a new charity calendar to raise money for Pompiers Sans Frontières – ‘Firefighters without Borders’ – an organisation that provides humanitarian aid around the world? Well thankfully, the boys have released a brand new video documenting their commendable efforts…

The calendar comes courtesy of French fashion photographer Fred Goudon, who tells The Local: “For me and for many others, firefighters are heroes. Every single day, these guys are out there saving people’s lives.

“And they’re all so nice, so strong… and you can see it in the pictures that there is a kind of pride in them that others don’t have.”

You can check out some of that action in GIF-based form below courtesy of Out – and if you fancy more videos and pictures of France’s finest, take a look here and here.

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