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Watch: Chris Hemsworth discusses *that* scene in Vacation

By Will Stroude

Chris Hemsworth has discussed that scene from new comedy film Vacation, admitting he found filming with an impressively large prosthetic penis an “intimidating” experience.

Speaking to E! at the LA premiere of the seventh installment of the National Lampoon’s Vacation series, which sees a family set off on a disastrous road trip to the Walley World theme park, the cast and crew joked about the Hemsworth’s eye-catching appendage, which sent audiences into meltdown when the film’s trailer was released back in May.


“Well, you know, it was part of the character development, wasn’t it?… We went bold!” Hemsworth joked.

“I did laugh. It was embarrassing and it was hilarious – probably more for other people than me! I was intimidated by that set and that scene. But this is why I got into the business, to have fun!”

Co-star Christina Applegate raised more questions than she answered with her response, telling reporters: “Literally nothing shocks me. So for me, I’m kind of sadly game for anything!

Meanwhile, The Hangover star Ed Helms quipped: “I knew exactly how big it was going to be because it was moulded off of me!”

In a wish-fulfilling anecdote, co-directors and writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein added that they had personally helped Hemsworth decided on the prosthetic that was right for him.

“He had a say. We went to a room with him and he modelled a couple of option for us,” Goldstein said.

“It was the weirdest couple of hours,” said Daley – to which Goldstein correctly clarified: “It was the weirdest, hottest, couple of hours!”

Jonathan, we have no doubt.

Check out the eye-watering prop being put to its intended use in the Vacation trailer below:

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