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WATCH | A promo trailer of the Red Hot full frontal 2020 calendar

Meet the 12 hunky Red Heads featured in the new full frontal calendar

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

The Red Hot full frontal calendar is back and we have an exclusive promo video for you!

The annual charity calendar shoot is something we look forward to year upon year and the new full-frontal issue has found its remaining men as they try and raise awareness of testicular cancer.

It seems like the 80s are back and the Red Hot boys are joining in the revival of mixtapes, Atari’s and magic 8-Balls.

Thomas Knights, Red Hot founder and photographer, said: “We are taking you BACK…. Back to a time when boys had bushes, and fantasies were found in the pages of Playgirl magazine.

“Back to a time before the internet, before smart phone apps and before social media. Back to summer dream crushes, mixtapes and slush puppies, beach boy Atari’s and magic 8-Ball lovers.”

Grab your copy now – available from

Check out the behind-the-scenes video of the new calendar below:

Each year, the Red Hot calendar smashes taboos about ginger pubic hair by showing off beautiful red heads.

“There are very few taboos left in the world,” Thomas said.

“Somehow ginger pubic hair is still one of them. It’s so rare that a lot of people have never seen it, they might go through their whole life never seeing it.”

Over the last seven years, the Red Hot have raised more than £60,000 for good causes.

Check out the Red Hot guys below:

Jared Potts


Curtis Welsby

Alexander Kiechle

Dermot Watchorn


Edward Hyde


Ashton Clayton



Jake Rumble


Jake Neves