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US figure skater Amber Glenn comes out as ‘bisexual/pansexual’

The figure skater opened up about her sexuality to the Dallas Voice

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

US figure skater Amber Glenn has come out as ‘bisexual/pansexual’.

The Dallas figure skater – who is likely to lead Team USA at the World Figure Skating Championships in Montreal – opened up about her sexuality to the Dallas Voice after coming out to her closest friends and associates.

Speaking to the publication, Glenn said: “The fear of not being accepted is a huge struggle for me.

“Being perceived as [going through] ‘just a phase’ or [being] ‘indecisive’ is a common thing for bisexual/pansexual women.

“I don’t want to shove my sexuality in people’s faces, but I also don’t want to hide who I am.”

Glenn went on to thank Ashley Cain-Gribble – a straight woman who competes with her LGBTQ partner, Timothy LeDuc – as inspiration for her coming out.

“I try to follow the example Ashley sets and her overall demeanour when she skates in front of thousands of people,” Glenn said.

“She’s so strong and confident. I really look up to her and admire her for that.”

After coming out, Glenn is now the only out woman on Team USA since Karina Manta – who came out as bisexual in 2018 – has left competitive skating.