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The Walking Dead’s Daniel Newman is a top, in case you were wondering

The actor has been getting hella candid in lockdown.

By Will Stroude

Daniel Newman has been getting hella cadid about all aspects of his life while in lockdown, and if you were wondering what, erm, bunk the former star of The Walking Dead likes to call dibs on, you’ve now got your answer.

Speaking to fans on Twitter earlier this month, the bisexual actor opened up about his preferred bedroom position.

“I’m a TOP. I’m too lazy to bottom!” Newman wrote on Twitter in response to a follower who described him as a bottom.

He added: “Lol. Maybe if I got married. But I’m also always super attracted to Tops so I guess whoever is strong enough and can pin down the other wins that night.”

Well, there’s a visual to keep us going through another long weekend in lockdown. 

Newman, who has appeared in LGBTQ comedy drama Eastsiders since leaving The Walking Dead, came out publicly as bisexual in 2017 in a video shared on YouTube.

The Atlanta-born actor later opened up about his sexuality in an interview with Attitude, saying: “Ever since I was a kid I was like, ‘Why would anybody pick one or the other, that’s weird’.

“I read somewhere that James Dean allegedly said, when asked about his sexuality, “Why would I want to live my life with one hand tied behind my back?” and I felt that sums it up perfectly.”

The screen star, who’s also appeared in US TV dramas Heroes and The Vampire Diairies, also admitted that industry figures had advised him to stay in the closet publicly to further his career.

“When I started to open up to the networks, agents and management about being bisexual they were like, ‘good God, never say that, that will kill your career instantly,’” he said.

“They said basically that the rule in Hollywood is if you are incredibly flamboyant then use that to your advantage, be super-gay, be the comedians, do comedy roles.

“But if you want to be a leading man, you can’t be open about your sexuality.” 

On the basis of this topping discussion, it’s fair to say that’s one bit of ‘advice’ Daniel ain’t listening to – and aren’t we glad he didn’t.