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The Walking Dead: World Beyond star Nico Tortorella leads the Attitude November issue

The Walking Dead: World Beyond star is ready to forge a brave new world both on and off screen.

By Will Stroude

The Attitude November issue is out now to download and to order globally – and star of The Walking Dead: World Beyond Nico Tortorella is ready to forge a brave new world, both on and off screen.

In an exclusive interview with Attitude, the sexually-fluid and genderfluid screen star reflects on their role as “queer superhero” Felix in the TV juggernaut’s latest spin-off, as they gets frank about sexuality, sobriety, and the intricacies of their queer, polyamorous relationship.

“I always felt different, beyond even my gender or sexuality”, says Nico, who prior to World Beyond boasted high profile roles in Scream 4 and TV’s Younger.

Nico Totorella talks sexuality, sobriety and their queer polyamorous relationship in the Attitude November issue, out now

“I think at a young age, I started to recognise that feelings that I had, and things that I think are OK and beautiful, like two people loving each other, that is a beautiful thing.

“That’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to love each other. Why would anyone ever tell me that that’s not OK?

(Photography: Harol Baez)

“And I remember seeing what was wrong with the world at a young age, rather than what was wrong with me.”

As well as Nico, YouTuber and former BBC Radio 1 DJ Dan Howell features on a speicial edition digital-only cover, as the interent star opens up about his mental health and journey to self-acceptance a year after coming out publicly to the world.

29-year-old Dan, who’s set to release mental health book/self-help guide You Will Get Through This Night in May 2021, reflects on dark days spent battling depression, and how the support of his fans provided a light at the end of the tunnel which eventually inspired him to come out.

Dan Howell opens up about his battles with mental health and long road to sexual acceptance in the Attitude November issue, out now (Photography: Markus Bidaux)

“I felt like I knew the world and I knew my place in it, and I felt like I had nowhere else to go,” he says. “I was so wrong because every single minute of my life that passed as I got older, the world got so big and so open.”

The internet superstar adds: “The one thing to say to anybody that feels like they’re stuck in any kind of situation is, ‘You are never stuck, you might think you know everything, that there’s nothing left, but there is a whole world out there, full of love and opportunity.’

Photography: Markus Bidaux

“I feel like my whole life for the past 10 years has been me climbing up a wall to get to a point where I feel like I finally have a space to exist and be in peace. You have to try.”

To mark Dan’s Attitude cover feature and as part of a special video series being launched to coincide with Attitude November issue, a series of LGBTQ online content creators including Sebb Argo and Dion Yorkie share their own mental health stories and offer advice for keeping positive on social media.

Elsewhere in the Attitude November issue, drag king and Mr Gay England contestant Chiyo Gomes holds court as he opens up about becoming the competition’s first ever transgender finalist.

Chiyo Gomes (Photography: Francisco Gomez de Villaboa)

In honour of Black History Month, we shine a light on some of the queer, Black game-changers who’ve made their mark on British culture, such as West End star Gordon Heath (pictured).

In Active, The Only Way Is Essex star Bobby Norris reveals the results of his new fitness regime as he opens up about his taking his campaign against online bullying all the way to Parliament.


Bobby Norris (Photography: Markus Bidaux)

30 years after Justin Fashanu came out publicly, Peter Tatchell reflects on the life and legacy of the world’s first openly gay professional footballer.

Justin Fashanu

Meanwhile, rising star Tom Taylor  who made his name in hit drama Doctor Foster – reveals how a rainbow-striped surprise was in store for him when he took on a role in best-selling book-turned-BBC TV series Us.

Tom Taylor (Photography: Joseph Sinclair)

The stars of François Ozon’s nostalgic drama Summer of ’85, Félix Lefebvre and Benjamin Voisin, reveal how they worked to create a sizzling onscreen chemistry and subvert expectations for a queer coming-of-age film.

Summer of ’85 stars Félix Lefebvre and Benjamin Voisin


Spice up your life with life lessons from Sporty herself, Melanie C, who admits to Attitude: “I never saw myself as the gay icon… you know, Geri’s so flamboyant and she’s a bit of a drag queen herself!”

“What’s her name?!” Canada’s newly-crowned Drag Race winner Priyanka is this month’s Big In a Wig.


Celebrity photography Magnus Hastings gives Attitude an exclusive look at his #GayFace photo project, which sees LGBTQ stars present themselves the way they want to be seen in an empty white box.

And in fashion, Royal Ballet principal Matty Ball is en pointe as he leaps into Autumn/Winter 2020.

That’s alongside all your usual news, reviews and opinion, of course…

The Attitude November issue is out now to download and to order globally.

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