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The 10 Most Eligible Bachelors We Found On New Dating App, Chappy

By Ross Semple

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Dating apps are everywhere. They may all have their own gimmicks and hype but we can all agree, a dating app is only as good as its users.

With this in mind, we decided to test the waters with new app Chappy, which claims to be ‘the next chapter in gay dating’, helping you meet a guy for anything, from a serious Mr. Right, to a more spontaneous Mr. Right Now.

Without further ado, we began the tough job of swiping through to see what talent Chappy has to offer…

Mark, 31

First up is Mark, a Mancunian Marketing Strategist living East London. When he’s not holidaying somewhere exotic he can be found at Psycle. With abs like that, we never would have guessed Marky Mark.

Myles, 27

Next up is smiley Myles, a professional fitness coach & model meaning he can either be found in Covent Garden in his gym kit, or on a catwalk in Italy. As Hannah Montana once sang, it truly is the Best of Both Worlds.

Marvin, 26

Stopping us next in our swiping tracks was Bi-lingual hair god Marvin. He was born and raised in Paris and is now Head of Operations for a tech start-up. #callus

Tre, 23

Originally from Tobago, this guy is an accomplished actor, recently appearing on Orange Is The New Black (real life Netflix + chill?). He loves adventuring and has lived all over the world.

Michael, 28

Half Welsh, half Greek, born in South Africa… and he’s a vet. Dr Michael, we’d buy a puppy just to have an excuse to visit you at work. If you can’t afford a puppy, he also has an instagram that documents him with cute animals (@DrLazaris_vet).

Donald, 27

This cutie is a Trainee Counsellor. As a wise man once said, if you ever find a boy in a checked shirt who will listen when you whinge at him, don’t let that shit go. See you at our wedding, Donald.

Sam, 29

In addition to having the face of an angel, turns out this guy can dance, has a golden labrador called JJ AND he’s the gatekeeper to one of London’s hottest bars. Sam, we’d like to go on your guest list.

Kush, 24

Kush not only has the eyebrows of a god but the voice of an angel too. He spends his days gigging, recording for his YouTube channel or at Barry’s Bootcamp.

Joel, 27

Joel is a Creative Consultant born and raised in Southeast London. He told us that loves going to museums and galleries so date ideas = in the bag.

Stephen, 26

A web designer by trade, this northern hunk could certainly got us browsing. His guilty pleasures are Pokemon & Power Rangers. Steve, there’s a Charizard in my backyard and we need you to come catch it.

Download Chappy and bag yourself a bachelor from the App Store and Google Play Store.