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Taron Egerton says Elton John told him not to impersonate him while singing in ‘Rocketman’

The actor released the official video of him singing Elton's hit song and title of the movie

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Taron Egerton reveals Elton John told him not to impersonate him while singing in Rocketman.

Earlier this week, the official video of Taron – who stars as Sir Elton John in the new biopic out this month – singing the title song and John classic ‘Rocket Man’ was released online.

Belting out the beautiful lyrics by Elton, the song shows off Taron’s singing abilities something of which he tells Attitude’s June issueavailable to buy and download now – was all him.

“I do all the singing, that is something I can claim,” he says. “I would love to lie about the piano but at some point someone will put a piano in front of me and I will look like an idiot.

“But the singing, I do everything.”

Although he is portraying the openly gay singing, the actor – who shot to fame as Gary ‘Eggsy’ Unwin in the Kingsman franchise – reveals that he has some anxieties that people won’t like his performance.

He continues: “It’s not an impersonation, it’s my take on him, and in some respects I have some anxieties that people might not accept the performance because I do all the singing, they haven’t used Elton’s vocals.

“Of course, I have tried in some ways to emulate him but a lot of it sounds like me.

“I hope that is exciting and interesting for people, and they aren’t left wishing they could hear Elton!”

He also reveals that the ‘Rocket Man’ singer advised him to not sound like him and instead create his own take.

“He said, ‘Stop trying to sound like me’. He wanted me to create my own take on it, which is nice because it’s sort of freeing.

“I don’t think he was interested in hearing someone do an impression of him, he wanted to hear things recreated.”

Watch Taron sing the beautiful ‘Rocketman’ below:

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