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Sydney Convicts get naked to raise money to travel to gay rugby tournament

The club aren't afraid to drop their clothes and we can see why

By Steve Brown

A Sydney gay rugby team have stripped naked to raise money for a gay rugby tournament.

The Sydney Convicts rugby club, the most successful gay rugby team in Sydney, have dropped all their clothes to raise money for the team’s travel to Amsterdam for the Bingham Cup and we wish we could show you the footage!

The rugby club is about to hold its annual Rugger Bugger, an event to introduce new players to the community, to give the players a chance to connect with supporters and to raise money for the trip.

This year’s event, held at the ARQ nightclub, will include an Amsterdam red light district theme and feature four major shows as well as a special after-party show. 

Team member Eliot Hastie told Gay Star News: “It is a chance to just let loose and put on a show.

“It is always a lot of fun and Convicts get our new members to be the stars of the show.

“It really helps them to bond with each other and it is always an amazing experience.

“We give all the boys the option of participating. Of course, they get nervous, but they are excited and happy to be there.

“LGBT rugby world cup event is important because of what it represents.

“Events like the Bingham Cup show people of all ages that being LGBT is not a hindrance to playing or enjoying sport.

“We want to snatch the Cup off of the Melbourne Chargers who won it last time, but all the teams will put up a fight.”

Boys! Send us the video please!

The Bingham Cup runs from June 8 to 10.