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Remembering Brian J. Smith’s ‘Sense8’ Pride make-out sessions

Let us never forget.

By Will Stroude

Brian J. Smith might be opening up about his sexuality publicly for the first time in Attitude’s December issue – out now to download and to order globally – but the Sense8 star certainly hasn’t shied away from a bit of man-on-man PDA over the last few years.

Back in 2016, the actor caused quite the stir at São Paulo Pride when he was filmed making out Sense8 co-stars including Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Max Riemelt – and thankfully, thanks to the internet, the sexually-charged moments have been preserved for fans to enjoy again, and again, and (you get the idea).

While many fans assumed that the lip-locking displays were to be included in the second series of Sense8 – then in production – no such scenes made it into the final edit. So how much ‘acting’ was involved that fateful day in Brazil is certainly up for debate…

In his exclusive interview in the December issue of Attitude, Brian, 38, reflects on his relationship with his Sense8 co-stars, revealing that Netflix’s progressive sci-fi series was the first professional job where he felt he could fully express himself.

“I remember being so relaxed. I thought: ‘Finally, I can just be myself, I don’t have to put on airs for any of these people”, Brian recalls.

The Texas-born actor, who played police officer Will Gorski on the series, continues: “You watch [the show] and you feel as if you’re walking into this big queer hug – whether you’re gay or not.

“It embraced your weirdness, your kookiness.”

Sense8, which was produced by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, made waves during its two-season run for telepathic pansexual orgy scenes involving the show’s diverse cast of characters, and Brian says the actors involved were made to feel “safe” letting their guards down for the camera.

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“We were laughing our asses off”, he recalls. “Everyone’s wearing the privacy pouches. You get eight bodies together and it was sweaty and hands go where they’re not supposed to, accidentally.

“But we all loved each other so much, it felt so safe, and Lana was so gentle and very aware about how fraught that experience can make people.”

Brian J. Smith, shot by Harol Baez exclusively for Attitude’s December issue

Definitely feels like time for a re-watch…

Read the full interview with Brian J. Smith in Attitude’s December issue, out now.

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