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Lil Nas X comes out as ‘a little’ bisexual: ‘This is the last time I come out, I promise’

"We are all lowkey [bisexual]" responded a fan.

By Emily Maskell

Lil Nas X
Lil Nas X has seemingly come out as bisexual. (Image: Instagram/@lilnasx)

Lil Nas X has seemingly come out as bisexual online.

The ‘Industry Baby’ hitmaker took to Twitter to make the announcement yesterday [Monday 9 January 2023].

The star previously used the platform to announce he is gay, back in 2019.

“This is my last time coming out, I promise”

Sharing the news across two tweets, the star began by asking what the reaction to him being bisexual would be.

He wrote: “Be fr would y’all be mad at me if i thought i was a little bisexual.”

In a subsequent tweet, the 23-year-old American rapper added: “That was my last time coming out the closet i promise.”

He came out as gay on the last day of Pride Month in 2019 and quickly won hearts in the community with his playful and unabashed attitude. 

Known for his trolling, he last year joked he was “no longer gay” after being snubbed by the Grammy Awards.

While his initial tweet doesn’t confirm he is bisexual, his follow-up is a pretty strong indication. 

Many were keen to show him their love. Bisexual writer Sam Manzella responded: “Literally never, us bisexuals will welcome you with open arms at any time.”

Former American professional football player R.K. Russell also replied: “We all are lowkey.

Another supporter delivered the reminder: “Ppl gotta keep in ur mind ur only’s natural to keep discovering urself!!”

The latter is a poignant reminder that young stars are often still figuring themselves out as they are rocketed into fame.

Additionally, biphobia remains a very real issue and sometimes bi individuals don’t feel part of the LGBTQ community.

It’s very heartwarming to see Nas share he’s bisexual and be welcomed with open arms.

As another remarked: “Being homoflexible is the new frontier.”

He sparkled last year with his Long Live Montero tour that played out as an unapologetically queer extravaganza.

Attitude praised the show for “brimming with campery and queer aesthetics from the sexy American football costumes to the birthing pod that turns Nas into his fabulous butterfly form.”