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Ku Bar launches new inclusivity campaign to show they are a ‘place for all’


By Steve Brown

Ku Bar has launched a campaign to show they are a “place for all”.

The popular London LGBT bar have been a big influence on the way the LGBT+ community has moved forward over the recent years by providing a comforting, safe place for fun, laughs, education and romance.

They said in a statement: “We’ve all stood strong to elevate our community to a point where a level of respect has been created!

“Now our job is to show this equal respect to each other! Encourage each other to live our best lives, support on fashion choices and beliefs.

“With this campaign, we like to say, YES to all age, colour, shape and tribe!”

For those who have never been, the bar – which is based on Lisle Street – is three floors of fun with the club in the basement and a cocktail bar upstairs.

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Watch their new campaign video below: