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John Legend naked photo shared by wife Chrissy Teigen

By Will Stroude

It might only be July, but it’s like the 12 days of Christmas on Instagram this week.

After yesterday’s excitement involving Justin Bieber naked holiday snaps and Zac Efron shirtless sibling piggybacks, US supermodel Chrissy Teigen has decided to get in on the action, uploading a rather candid shot of her husband John Legend to the site yesterday (July 7), to what we can only imagine was the sound of collective global applause.


The shot shows the 36-year-old singer naked from behind and seemingly unaware of his wife’s sly (and gratefully received) actions – though Chrissy did preserve at least some of his modesty with a well-placed knee.

The 29-year-old model, who has been married to Legend since 2013 and inspired his hit track All Of Me, has been challenging Instagram over its online nudity rules in recent weeks after the social media platform removed a picture of her posing topless back in June.

We’re a peace-loving people, but if the weapons of Chrissy’s war on Instagram are naked booty pics of hunks like John, this is one conflict we can fully get behind.

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