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Here’s how Simon Dunn celebrated his Hot 100 win

By Nick Bond

How do you celebrate beating the world’s sexiest men in the Attitude Hot 100? By getting yourself two massive tattoos of course!

No sooner had Aussie bobsledder Simon Dunn been crowned the hottest man in the world – beating One Direction, Channing Tatum, Tom Daley and a whole host of other hot fellas – he was on a plane to Arizona to get some celebratory tiger tattoos etched on to his manly thighs.

Photo 1

Speaking to Attitude shortly after the five-hour procedure, Simon said: ‘I am so happy with the tattoos! I’ve been really excited about getting them, and it tops off a great week for me. That said, they still hurt… but the pain will subside eventually. I hope everyone likes them – although my mum will never approve of them. Sorry mum!’

It sure has been a great week for Simon – since winning Attitude’s Hot 100 on Monday, he has been inundated with marriage requests from men around the world following his comments about being single and looking for love.

“It’s funny, since I won, I have had so many messages on Facebook and Instagram asking to marry me! I’m flattered, but once I get back to Calgary im straight back to training.”

Photo 2

In spite of the great reaction to his win, Simon has been on the receiving end of anger from One Directioners who aren’t happy about him beating the band to the top spot – including Liam Payne, who made it to number three.

“For young girls, they sure have dirty mouthes! I just ignored them and deleted their comments as I don’t want to spoil the memories of this week. The irony is, Liam Payne is one of the guys I think is super hot! I still can’t believe I won – I’m not Channing Tatum or Chris Pratt, I’m just a normal guy who pushes a sled for a job. But thanks again everyone, I really appreciate it. This has been the best time of my life!”

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