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Gay Sydney rugby team strip to raise money for Amsterdam’s Bingham Cup

The Bingham Cup is a huge gay rugby tournament

By Fabio Crispim

A Sydney gay rugby team are stripping naked to raise money for a gay rugby tournament.

The Sydney Convicts rugby club, the most successful gay rugby team in Sydney, are going to strip off naked next month to raise money for the team’s travel to Amsterdam for the Bingham Cup.

The rugby club is about to hold its annual Rugger Bugger, an event to introduce new players to the community, to give the players a chance to connect with supporters and to raise money for the trip.

This year’s event, held at the ARQ nightclub, will include an Amsterdam red light district theme and feature four major shows as well as a special after-party show. 

One of the shows will see the entire rugby club losing their clothes, and the Convicts have promised it will be one of the biggest stripteases to ever happen in Sydney, with more than 30 players performing in the show as part of their big finale. 

Speaking to the Star Observer, Convicts social media coordinator Eliot Hastie said: “The past year has been a trying time for many in our community and for nearly all the team.

“The Convicts were involved in the marriage equality survey, we proudly supported the Yes campaign, worked with Australian Marriage Equality to promote it and were proud to march alongside our LGBTI+ community in numerous marches.” 

Hastie revealed the club has also been fighting homophobia in sports before stating that this year’s Rugger Bugger celebration will be “massive”. 

The Sydney Convicts at Rugger Bugger 2017

“Rugger Bugger is a chance to let our hair down and wigs fly as we celebrate our community and look ahead to Bingham 2018,” Hastie explained. 

“It will be an unforgettable evening, and successful events like this one let the Convicts keep playing and fighting for the community.” 

Rugger Bugger will take place on May 19.