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Dominic Cooper says Hollywood is making ‘slow changes’ in their attitude towards gay actors

The actor is reprising his role in the upcoming sequel to the hit 2008 musical

By Steve Brown

Ahead of the release of the highly anticipated Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, star of the hit musical Dominic Cooper graces one of Attitude’s two August issues.

The actor made a name for himself starring in the hit theatre production of History Boys before reprising his role as the sexually-open character in the movie adaptation.

Since then, he has gone to star in a number of hit movies and series – including Mamma Mia! and Preacher – and now he is back for the sequel.

But Cooper – who identifies as straight – admitted he is sad that many Hollywood actors are unable to come out because of the “old-fashioned attitudes that linger”.

Speaking exclusively to Attitude, Cooper says: “It still seems prohibitive. People [feel] nervous because of the old-fashioned attidues that linger.

“It makes me so sad. We’re making slow changes and I hope that we’re becoming more fluid with our thinking.

“It’s all so prehistoric. It astounds me. Youngsters are completely unfazed, they don’t even blink.

“Things are changing and along with that will come the attitude towards who you need to be in Hollywood. And sport.

“Look at sports personalities who don’t feel confident or comfortable enough to do it. A life not being who you can be must be very difficult.”

In the exclusive interview, Cooper also talks about working alongside ex-girlfriend Amanda Seyfried in the new movie as well as starring opposite the gay icon Cher – who he reveals was nervous on her first shoot.

He says: “She felt quite nervous. She’s an Oscar winner, a brilliant actress and a phenomenal singer, and she had Julie [Walters] and Christine [Baranski], who are so easy, they’re going to make it comfortable.

“Even so, you’re still going to get anxious when you arrive on set. That’s the truth. It’s a big thing to do. She was very open to wanting support and help.

“We all knew that because we’ve all been there. Not one of us hasn’t had that feeling of walking on to something that you weren’t part of originally. We all knew each other so well and she didn’t.”

Read Cooper’s full interview in Attitude’s August issue out now with British model Zander Hodgson on the second cover. 

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