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Bromans star Brandon Myers shows off new leg tattoo, but that’s not what his followers are looking at

By Joshua Haigh


star Brandon Myers has driven fans wild after revealing a little too much on social media.

The reality TV star previously boasted about his manhood, saying he calls it his “other leg” and it seems like he’s not far off wrong…

Myers wanted to show off his brand new leg tattoo on Instagram, but ended up showing a rather large package instead. Although we’re not quite sure that wasn’t the point in the first place.

The ITV2 star took to the social media platform to share a video of his new tattoo alongside the caption: “My jungle leg sleeve complete!”

However, it wasn’t the tattoo fans were stunned by, it was the size of his huge bulge.

My African Jungle Leg Sleeve complete!💉🙌🏾🇬🇭 #legsleeve #junglesleeve #legtattoos

A post shared by Brandon Myers (@brandonpmyers) on

Now, when’s he getting the other tattooed?

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