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Britney Spears’ boyfriend Sam Asghari works up a sweat for Iron Man magazine (PICS)

By Will Stroude

When Britney Spears dropped her sultry ‘Slumber Party’ video last year, licking milk off the table in front of an Adonis-like love interest, there was one question on everyone’s lips: ‘JUST WHO THE HELL IS THAT GUY?’

It appears fans weren’t the only ones to sit up and take notice of Sam Asghari though, as Brit has since snapped up the 23-year-old model and actor as her boyfriend after meeting on set. Just call it a perk of the pop job.

Sam, who moved to the US from Iran with his family as a child and also notably appeared in Fifth Harmony’s ‘Work From Home’ last year, certainly isn’t shy when it comes to putting his jaw-dropping body on display, but his latest shoot might just take the biscuit.

The rising star has posed for a stunning new shoot for the April issue of fitness magazine Iron Man, where he works up a sweat and simultaneously reaffirms our faith in Brit’s taste in boys.

Sam’s kindly shared some shots from the shoot for our viewing pleasure – but if that’s not enough to quench your thirst, you can check out our recent in-depth investigation into his hottest ever moments here.

Check out the full shoot in Iron Man’s April issue.

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