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‘Boylesque has given me a confidence I never had before’

Boys are increasingly expressing their identities through the art of burlesque, writes performer Sebastian Angelique.

By Will Stroude

The current burlesque scene is one of the most diverse and inclusive performance art forms that we have right now.

Due to the context, types of venues and audiences we now have, it feels like a safe place where women are able to explore, to be creative, to self-express and to be celebrated, and in the last decade Boylesque has been leaping to the forefront alongside those women, men are wanting to experience similar.

Sebastian Angelique (Image: Feisty Fatale Photo)

It’s an open art form welcome to anyone who wants to represent an idea or a feeling on stage, whether it’s an interpretation of legends such as Dita Von Teese or Tigger! or it’s a fusion of skills such as circus, drag or ‘sing and flings’.

My style of ‘Boylesque’ defies the ideas of what we consider masculine and feminine, and I like to provoke that in a fun and sensual way leaving audiences with a sense of connection and acceptance for themselves and those around them, regardless of gender.

Sebastian Angelique (Image: LightbyDan)

Boylesque is a perplexing art to some as it’s still often associated with the classic hen party stripteases, but with more men wanting to learn Boylesque and put their signature stamp on the world, it’s become even more expansive and given an additional freedom for those who might not feel like they can be themselves yet.

And with more and more burlesque schools now teaching Boylesque classes it’s comforting to know it’s on the rise.

(Image: Feisty Fatale Photo)

Boylesque has given me such a confidence that I never had before, it’s changed my outlook on my personal life, my body image, my mental health as well as past limitations I used to put on myself.

I don’t think I’d be the person I am today without it.

Sebastian Angelique is the first Boylesque performer at The Cheek of It! School of Burlesque & Cabaret. Follow him on Instagram and Twitter.