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Artist reimagines superheroes as vintage pin-ups

Pin-up boys? Pin us down, more like...

By Markus Bidaux

captain America illustration
(Image: David Talaski)

We love superheroes, especially when they are being brought to life on the big screen by the likes of Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Jason Momoa…

But now, American artist David Talaski has taken the fantasy a step further by drawing some of our favourite characters as cheeky vintage pin-ups.


Captain America

Talaski has been drawing for professionally for nearly a decade and currently works as a concept artist for a game-art studio in Portland.

We caught up with him in lockdown to find out more…

What inspired the pin-up series?

The series started two years ago when I was about to table at my local Comic Con. My husband and I are big fans of superhero movies and comics so I wanted to make something that combined that with my love of vintage pin-up illustration.

The thing I find so charming about classic pin-up is that it’s both sexy and a little ridiculous. The idea of putting handsome, brawny supermen in these cheeky situations, usually depicted with women, seemed like a fun take on the genre.  I also just wanted an excuse to draw sexy men.



What artists inspired your vintage style?

When I think of classic pin-up, I think of Gil Elvgren. His work depicts that sexy/silly pin-up that strongly inspires what I wanted to do with my series.  Of-course, Duane Bryers and his Hilda illustrations are also a big inspiration.

Do you have more pin-ups planned?

Oh yes! I’ll definitely be continuing more superhero pin-ups and possibly some non-superhero ones as well. There’s lots of inspiration out there.


Guardian of the Galaxy’s Starlord

When you go to comic book conventions do you find there is a big LGBTQ representation?

I do think representation is increasing for sure but it can still be slim pickings. When I’m tabling at a convention, the number of people that come to my booth excited and grateful to see something that’s made for them makes it very clear there isn’t enough. The thing is there’s lots of us here. LGBTQ people make up a significant portion of the nerd culture but the mainstream still treats us as a niche market. If we’re treated as niche, then that’s how we’re going to be perceived by the culture at large. Visibility is important. Maybe someday, one of these cinematic universes will actually put a queer character on screen and not write all the queer out.

Are there any LGBTQ characters you can’t wait to see depicted on the big screen?

The X-Men are my absolute favourite supergroup and I would love to see an out and proud Bobby Drake on the big screen. A Young Avengers movie featuring power couple Hulkling and Wiccan are also top of that list.

Doctor Strange

You recently put the pin-ups up for sale on Etsy. How did that go?

This last sale was a bit nuts – everything went in about 15-20 min.

I do plan on selling more on Etsy.  Working a full-time job makes it difficult for me to fulfil a large amount of orders so I’m also looking into alternative ways of making prints available. The best place to find out more updates on how to purchase my art is on my Instagram @davidtalaskidraws and Twitter @davidtalaski.

Check out more of David’s pin-up boys below:




Black Panther

Iron Man


Green Lantern

Winter Soldier