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Activist Bisi Alimi recalls attending his first Pride after fleeing Nigeria

“I feel so humbled, so proud, so joyous to be part of this beautiful collection of rainbows.”

By Thomas Stichbury

Activist Bisi Alimi says the LGBTQ people must continue to “lift up” all parts of the community in the wake of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations currently taking place across the globe.

Whilst taking part in Attitude’s Pride Heroes, in association with Taimi, Bisi recalls attending his first Pride in London after fleeing Nigeria.

In 2004, the self-proclaimed “angelic troublemaker” became the first Nigerian to openly come out on national television – being gay is punished with imprisonment and, in some parts of Nigeria, the death penalty.

When threats were made on his life, Bisi fled to the UK and he can remember, crystal-clear, his first-ever Pride in London.

“I think I was crying,” he recalls. “I went to Soho later that day to dance, I’ve never seen so many homosexuals in one place – I’m talking about it and I’m having some goosebumps!”

Bisi also speaks of the the many ways in which he feels proud of LGBTQ people.

“I see the discussion around trans issues in the UK and how as a community we’ve come together to lift each other up,” Bisi reflects.

He continues: “I’ve seen the narrative around Black Lives Matter and how we’ve used the opportunity to highlight not just that black LGBT lives matter, but black trans life matters.

“Every day of the week, ever hour, I feel lifted by the community,” Bisi exclaims. “I feel so humbled, so proud, so joyous to be a part of this beautiful collection of rainbows.”

Last October, Bisi organised a Pride event in his hometown of Lagos in his campaign for LGBTQ freedom in Nigeria.

Stonewall co-founder Michael Cashman, human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, TV host Michelle Visage, ‘Drag Race’ superstar Courtney Act and writer and performer Amrou Al-Kadhi will also be appearing in Pride Heroes, supported by Taimi.

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