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Heartstopper’s Sebastian Croft ‘probably’ won’t return to series after exit

Exclusive: "I feel really proud of the way that we ended Ben’s character and his arc," the actor has told Attitude.

By Alastair James

Sebastian Croft
Sebastian Croft in Heartstopper (Image: Netflix)

Sad news Heartstopper fans – Sebastian Croft has said he “probably” won’t be returning to the series after his exit.

Sebastian played antagonist Ben Hope in the series’ first two seasons. At the end of season two, he apologized to Charlie (Joe Locke) for how poorly he treated him and the pain he caused. However, Charlie rejected Ben’s apology. This left Ben to walk off having already said he wouldn’t be attending sixth form at Truham Grammar.

In August last year, Sebastian confirmed he would not be returning to the series. He also said he and Heartstopper creator, Alice Oseman, had spoken about Ben not getting a redemption arc.

Speaking exclusively to Attitude ahead of the premiere of How to Date Billy Walsh, Sebastian approached the topic. After saying working on Heartstopper had been an “incredibly special experience” he said he would “probably not” return.

“It was such a special experience” – Sebastian Croft

“I feel really proud of the way that we ended Ben’s character and his arc,” Sebastian told Attitude. “And so I wouldn’t want to go back from a story perspective because I feel like that’s been left where it needs to. But I’d love to go back in terms of working with everyone. It was such a special experience. Hopefully, I’ll get to work with lots of the same people again at some point.”

However, his How to Date Billy Walsh co-star, Charithra Chandran, said she’d be “open to it” about returning to Bridgerton. She appeared in the show’s second season as Edwina Sharma and will be missing from the upcoming third season.

“I think the main thing is it’s got to be a really important purpose,” she said. “I’m totally open to it. I think it is very likely that characters who have left will come back long may the show continue.”

How to Date Billy Walsh is streaming on Prime Video now.