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Stripping back with the exciting Crotch Magazine

Crotch captures the essence of California through the seductive lens of alluring men

By Aaron Pandher

Crotch Magazine
Crotch Magazine (Images: Crotch Magazine)

Crotch’s ethos is “explicitly dedicated to bringing you up-close and personal with the hottest men in the world”. They are excited to present the special LA-edition.

They say a picture speaks 1,000 words. So, let’s explore what this magazine has to offer…

Crotch Magazine (Image: Provided)

The Story

Crotch Magazine originated during a laid-back stay in Los Angeles when two friends decided to have some fun shooting handsome men. The spontaneous project gained momentum, leading to the decision to publish the first issue. Ten issues later and Crotch is thriving.

Frank Strachan has been working with photographer Ramon Christian on Crotch for several years. But it wasn’t until late last year they finally met face-to-face and made a commitment to a special project. This then paved the way for a distinctive venture.

Frank had embarked on a global journey touring with Sam Smith for nine months when the opportunity arose to explore California. The alignment of schedules allowed for a road trip, setting the stage for the creation of a unique California-focused issue.

The Magazine

The outcome is a substantial “THICK” 288-page special issue. In it, Crotch, a magazine dedicated to showcasing the hottest men globally, focuses on celebrating California’s allure.

Featuring two covers – one highlighting male model Mr. Bradford and the other introducing OnlyFans newcomer Timothy Champagne – the issue tells stories of men in different states of undress across beautiful Californian locations.

From the tourist trail, the Hollywood sign, and the Golden Gate Bridge to private, more intimate encounters, the publication captures the essence of California through the seductive lens of alluring men, inviting readers to enjoy this visual spectacle.

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