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Nicholas Galitzine wants to do something set in Ancient Greece and fans have thoughts

"Clearly there’s a high demand for this. So get on with it"

By Alastair James

Nicholas Galitzine as George Villiers
Nicholas Galitzine as George Villiers (Image: Sky UK)

Mary & George and Red, White & Royal Blue star Nicholas Galitzine has hinted at what he’d like to work on in the future and his “vague answer” has excited fans.

Nicholas stars as George Villiers in the series about the historical figure and his mother, Mary, played by Julianne Moore. Together they rise up the social ladder of Jacobean England through King James I of England VI of Scotland (Tony Curran)

Prior to the show’s launch the Red, White & Royal Blue star was asked by Attitude what other historical figures (especially queer ones) he’d like to have a go at adapting for the screen.

“I’d love to do something in Ancient Greece being a Greek myself,” he said much to the bemusement of co-star, Julianne, beside him. “OK,” she said. “I got it. What time is it on? I’ll watch it.” After laughing with Julianne Nicholas added: “That’s my vague answer.”


Fans immediately jumped on this detail with one writing excitedly: “I would sell my kidneys for having Nick as Achilles and Tay [Taylor Zakhar Perez, Nicholas’ Red, White & Royal Blue co-star] as Patroclus in a screen adaptation of [The Song of Achillies]” Someone else also requested: “PLS PUT HIM IN SONG OF ACHILLES.”

Another added: “NICHOLAS GALITZINE AS GREEK GAY IMMEDIATELY.” Reacting to this another YouTube user wrote: “Clearly there’s a high demand for this. So get on with it. I just like watching Nicholas, doing anything, as long as it’s him.”

Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine in Red, White & Royal Blue
Taylor Zakhar Perez and Nicholas Galitzine in Red, White & Royal Blue (Image: Prime Video)

Proving that there is indeed “high demand” for something like this, another fan typed: “Get him the role of Achilles & Taylor as his lover, we need more of those 2 together besides the RWRB sequel.” Referencing Julianne’s reaction to Nicholas’ initial answer one person commented: “Julianne is all of us after Nicholas said he wanted to play a historical Greek.”

The timing couldn’t be better given that English Heritage has recently declared Hadrian’s Wall a part of LGBTQ+ history. This is due to Emperor Hadrian’s male lovers, namely Antinous, a younger Greek man who toured the empire with the emperor. Maybe there’s another idea for a story…

All seven episodes of Mary & George are streaming on Sky Atlantic and NOW.