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Lady Gaga’s 6 best B-sides, album tracks and deep cuts

Attitude's B-sides goes beyond the hits to unearth hidden musical treasures, from 'Christmas Tree' to 'Glitter and Grease.'

By James Hodge

Lady Gaga (Image: Instagram/@ladygaga and Recording Academy)
The gems in Lady Gaga's albums (Image: Instagram/@ladygaga and Recording Academy)

Soundtrack contribution: ‘Fashion’ 

Not to be confused with ‘Fashion!’ from Artpop, Gaga penned this number in 2007 for Sex and the City. Not only did it go on to feature on the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack, but it was covered by reality TV stalwart Heidi Montag.  

Bonus track: ‘Christmas Tree’

One of Gaga’s stranger tracks is ‘Christmas Tree’ — a bonus track on The Fame — which not only mixes two Christmas classics (‘Deck the Halls’ and ‘The Little Drummer Boy’), but also provides an unexpected sexual twist. “The only place you wanna be / Is underneath my Christmas tree,” she purrs.

Tour track: ‘Glitter and Grease’

Although ‘Glitter and Grease’ was never officially released, it was a fan favourite on the Monster Ball setlist. The song tells of an attractive man too obsessed with his car to notice a female admirer. Cue Gaga, covered in glitter and grease, thrusting and stroking herself on stage to catch his eye. 

Cover version: ‘Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ 

Few songs are as melodramatic as this Nancy Sinatra cover, with Gaga emerging on stage in a huge, glossy, black, permed wig, and wearing a tight-fitting red leather number with matching lipstick. Beginning with accompaniment from only a stripped-back piano, the gradual building of percussive beats and evocative trumpets make this Gaga at her most theatrical.

Pre-Gaga era: ‘Red and Blue’, performed as Stefani 

Before the birth of Lady Gaga, the performer went by Stefani — her real first name. This pop-punk track sounds like something more akin to Avril Lavigne or No Doubt, showing a rockier and more teenage side of Gaga’s early career. 

Demo: ‘Babylon’ (Haus Labs Version)

‘Babylon’ was one of the highlights of Gaga’s latest release, Chromatica. Sounding like a track from the runway of a ballroom competition, this version features a more manic energy through heavier use of drums and guitar.

This column appeared in Attitude’s issue 351 – available for order now.