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ABBA singer Agnetha Fältskog launches new solo single: Listen here

The star is also set to release a remastered version of 2013 album 'A'.

By Dale Fox

Black and white image of Agnetha Fältskog
Agnetha Fältskog has released her first solo single in 10 years (Image: Provided)

ABBA star Agnetha Fältskog has released her first solo single in 10 years, giving a rare interview on BBC Radio 2 to mark its launch.

Titled ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’, the electro-pop number comes ahead of a “reimagined” version of the singer’s 2013 album ‘A’. The refreshed album will be released on 13 October.

Talking to Radio 2’s Zoe Ball today (31 August), the ABBA favourite spoke about the process of returning to the studio after so long.

“I was a bit tense and a bit nervous because when you get older, your voice changes,” she explained.

“I think my voice has dropped a little bit in tone or in pitch. So I maybe sound a little more … not dark, but lower.”

‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ is the only new track to be released from the upcoming ‘A’ remaster. The song was produced by Jörgen Elofsson, who also worked on the original album.

“He played me the demo, and the demo was very good,” the 73-year-old singer told Ball.

“Originally, it was another girl singing and I said, ‘I don’t know if I can do this’. But I did – and it came out very well, I think.”

ABBA reunion at Eurovision 2024?

Agnetha also spoke about ABBA Voyage, saying, “I still don’t know how they did it, really, but the result is enormous.”

“Mainly I thought, ‘Oh, did I dance that well?’ I’ve never been a master at dancing,” she added. “We went by feeling – what we expressed was how we felt, there and then.”

She also gave a cryptic answer when asked whether there would be an ABBA reunion at next year’s Eurovision. The event, to be held in Malmö, Sweden, will arrive around the 50th anniversary of the Swedish group.

“You never know anything about ABBA – but I don’t dare to say anything, because I don’t know what they are planning,” she said, adding: “I’d rather be quiet.”