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Liam Hemsworth nearly had a cameo in Bros, says Billy Eichner

"Australia, you kept Liam from being in Bros!"

Liam Hemsworth in Isn't It Romantic
Liam Hemsworth in Isn't It Romantic (Image: Netflix)

Bros‘ Billy Eichner has shared that the Australian actor Liam Hemsworth was very nearly in his gay rom-com.

Billy is currently in Australia along with his co-star Luke Macfarlane promoting the film ahead of its worldwide release at the end of October.

Bros sees Billy star as Bobby Leiber, who meets Macfarlane’s Aaron, and the two struggle to get over their commitment issues.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle Billy explained, “In the movie, Luke and I go see a movie called The Treasure Inside, which is a fictional movie about, you know, two closeted frontiersmen during the California gold rush of 1812 – sort of indicative of the many movies about tragic, closeted men that we get and in Hollywood real straight actors play them – Brokeback [Mountain] and a million other ones,”

What’s more, Liam would have been acting opposite Nick Jonas

“And we were going to shoot scenes from that movie, and Liam was going to be one of the tragic closeted frontiersmen. We never ended up shooting those scenes, but at one point we were going to with Liam and Nick Jonas.”

Liam was keen to be involved but was prevented from making the cameo because of a Covid lockdown.

“Australia, you kept Liam from being in Bros!” adds Luke before Billy jokes, “Maybe Bros 2.”

Previously Billy told Attitude he was both surprised and not surprised it had taken till 2022 to get a gay rom-com.

“Hollywood has often been such a hypocritical and LGBTQ-phobic place. But I’m happy that we’re here now.

“And it is a really big sign of progress that the same studio releasing Jurassic World and the Fast and the Furious movies and all these huge global franchises are releasing this very R-rated gay rom-com with as much enthusiasm and passion as they released those movies. That’s a really big step.”

Bros will be released in UK cinemas from 28 October.