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Heartstopper Season 2: All our favourite moments from every single episode

Spoiler warning: Heartstopper is back!

By Alastair James

Joe Locke and Kit Connor
Heartstopper season 3 is on the way (Image: Netflix)

Heartstopper is finally back on our screens after fans have been teased for months over its second season.

The hit TV show became a huge success after being released on Netflix last year and was quickly commissioned for a follow-up, which landed on Netflix today (3 August).

Unsurprisingly, we’ve already binged our way through the eight gorgeous episodes, and there are plenty of key moments that deserve to be raved about.

It goes without saying that this will contain spoilers from Heartstopper season two – you have been warned!

Heartstopper nick and Charlie
Charlie and Nick are navigating their romance in season two (Image: Netflix)

S2E1: Out

Elle admits her feelings for Tao to Tara and Darcy – We love this moment because it’s all about love, therefore strikes at the heart of the show. After some nearly-there moments in season one between these two we’ve wanted to see Elle and Tao live there happily ever after and now we finally might be getting it! 

Honourable mention: Imogen beating Nick to the punch about Charlie – We’re glad to see Imogen gets it and is a true ally. 

S2E2: Family

Tao finally admits he likes Elle – it’s about time! After seeing Charlie and Nick get together at the end of season one and Tara and Darcy together we just want the same for Elle and Tao. Now they do too! 

Honourable mention: Every scene with Olivia Colman. No further explanation necessary.  

S2E3: Promise 

Charlie tells Harry to piss off at the party – we love seeing Charlie stand up for himself against his former tormentors and know his worth. 

Honourable mention: Tori Spring being the older caring sibling. We love her!

S2E4: Challenge 

“You’re being gay, good job. Carry on!” – it’s a line straight from the webcomic and an instant meme. Thanks Darcy! 

Honourable mention: Tao and Elle having some much needed one on one time. So sweet! 

Elle and Tao
Heartstopper’s most-loved will they/won’t they, Elle and Tao (Image: Netflix)

S2E5: Heat

Charlie and Tao’s heart to heart – After Tao admits he was overheard talking about Charlie coming out to him and Isaac which led to Charlie being bullied the two have a good chat and clear things up. As a signal of their friendship Charlie leaves a lock on a Parisian bridge. Another win for true friendship in Heartstopper!

Honourable moment: Charlie opens up about controlling what he eats in the past to Nick. It’s great to see their relationship develop and with it their trust in each other. 

Ash Self and Bel Priestley with Yasmin Finney in Heartstopper
Ash Self and Bel Priestley join as new characters for season two (Image: Netflix)

S2E6: Truth/Dare

Nick comes out – Nick is able to share with some of his peers his sexuality and that he’s dating Charlie. It’s a big step for everyone and it’s handled well. 

Honourable mention: “Youthful moments” – Mr Ajayi and Mr Farouk share a sweet and tender moment by the vending machine. We love to see the adults of the Heartstopper world finding their loves as well. 

S2E7: Sorry

Isaac is introduced to aromantic asexuality – After almost two seasons of hints and teases of what’s happening, Isaac finally gets properly introduced to asexuality and things begin to make sense for him. We can’t wait for more! 

Honourable mention: Nick comes out to his Dad – Nick takes charge and calls his Dad (and his “dick” brother) out on their behaviour and we can’t help but admire him. 

Darcy and Tara in Heartstopper
We love them both! (Image: Netflix)

S2E8: Perfect

Charlie and Nick’s emotional chat – right at the end of the season this moment shows the strength of the characters love for one another as well as Joe Locke and Kit Connor’s acting chops. A tender and intimate moment between the two that finishes as Charlie types “I love you”.

Honourable mention: Tara and Darcy open up – After Tara let slip “I love you” early on and Darcy seemed to avoid the topic we were worried. And after Darcy is effectively thrown out of her home we didn’t know what to expect. But the two also have an intimate conversation where they open up fully and declare their love for one another. Our spirits were lifted.