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Gabrielle: ‘We’ll always associate Madonna with her cone bra, and for me it’s the eye patch’

Exclusive: The 90s pop diva spills the tea in our fabulousity test, She's Got Attitude

By Dale Fox

Headshot of singer Gabrielle
Gabrielle (Image: David Lopez)

Gabrielle is probably best known for being the original British 90s songstress, with stunning hits like ‘Dreams’ and ‘Rise’ keeping her on the airwaves ever since.

Along with a new single ‘A Place In Your Heart’ and upcoming album A Place In Your Heart, the Hackney native also has a 2025 UK arena tour for fans to look forward to.

But now, she faces what could be the biggest moment of her career, sitting in the hot seat for Attitude’s fabulousity test, She’s Got Attitude. She may have featured on the soundtrack of Bridget Jones’s Diary, but will Gabrielle ‘rise again’ for our questions? Let’s find out.

Your new single is called ‘Place In Your Heart’. What has the biggest place in YOUR heart?

All my Gabrielle fans. Or Haribos – the Star Mix. Everyone asks what my favourite Haribo is, but I’m like, every one that goes in my gob is the one for me. I’m the Haribo queen.

Sweet – literally. 4/5

What’s your favourite biscuit?

An Oreo double cream one. There’s no reason; no explanation. I’m just greedy and I love them.

Some groundbreaking journalism from Attitude here. 3/5

What was the best thing about the 90s?

The music. There was so much going on. A lot of females’ careers had come out at that time. There was 4 Non Blondes, Des’ree, myself. I was just living my best life and making music, doing my thing and having lots of fun along the way.

Correct answer, though one point deducted for not mentioning the Spice Girls! 4/5

Do you still have your fabulous jewelled eyepatch from back then?

You know something? I still do. And it’s funny because I don’t think they were even real swarovskis, but they were still fabulously jewelled to me. A lot of love went into making that. I didn’t make it, but I’ve still got it.

Iconic. 5/5

Do you still wear it?

No, but my son’s been saying, ‘Mum, you need to come back with it,’ so I think we’re gonna do something about that. I know Madonna came out a few years ago with her eyepatch and I believe I was trending cause everyone was like, ‘Didn’t Gabrielle claim the eye patch?’ But I definitely would like to. I’m in my 50s now and I only wore it officially for like a year. So it’s something I’m seriously considering bringing back. I won’t tell you when, but I’m sure it’s going to come back.

We’ll always associate Madonna with her cone bra, and for me it’s the eye patch. And I’m not mad at all because that eye patch gave me so much confidence.

We’re so ready! 5/5

When do you feel at your most fabulous?

When I’m on stage and my audience make me feel like a rock star – they make me feel like a rock star. The moment when I’m all dolled up and I start clacking onto the stage with those heels and the audience go crazy, that’s when I feel my most fabulous.

That’s because you ARE a rock star 💗 4/5

What was the funniest thing Adele said when you worked with her?

She told me that before she knew me, she used to annoy my old label boss by asking him questions about me. This was when she was up and coming and not a huge megastar. I thought that was really cute. Adele handpicked me to perform at BST in Hyde Park. For me to be part of that lineup was incredible, and then to have her come meet me in the dressing room – she was incredible. She’s just a goddess, and I love her.

We do too, actually! 4/5

Are you a fan of Real Housewives?

I’ve never been a big fan. I think they should call it the Real Fishwives because they’re so mean to each other. I mean, I’m just being honest. It’s entertaining, but when they’re fighting and stuff, they’re more fishwife than housewife.

We need to pitch Real Fishwives of Hackney to Bravo immediately. 2/5

What TV show should be brought back?

Has to be Top of the Pops. That was a travesty, how they took that off the airwaves. How can they deny the joy? I remember being a kid and watching it – it was happening back in the day.

We would have also accepted Footballers’ Wives. 3/5

What would your Drag Race entrance line be?

“I’m Miss Gabbylicious, and I can make your dreams come true, honey.” I absolutely love Drag Race – there should be a petition to get me on there!

Yes! 5/5

And exit line?

“I’m ready to rise again!”

Even better! 5/5

What’s your biggest career highlight?

The first time I got a BRIT (in 1994 for Best British Breakthrough – presented to her by Elton John, RuPaul and Tori Amos!) because that was so unexpected. To release a song, with what ‘Dreams’ did, then to actually go and pick up a BRIT for that, that was an incredible thing.

Totally earned it though. 4/5

Do you still have that BRIT award?

Yes – I’m looking at it right now in my study. There’s two of them, and I’ve got my MOBOs, but my BRITs are bang in the centre. When it gets cleaned in here, the BRITs get cleaned too. I don’t want anyone with their dirty hands touching my BRITs!

Hands off Gabrielle’s BRITs, everyone! 4/5

Score: 80% Attitude

As Gabrielle prepares for her 2025 UK tour, we know what she’ll have on her rider – Star Mix and Oreos. And will her iconic eyepatch be making a return? Suppose we’ll have to buy tickets and find out.

Gabrielle’s new album A Place In Your Heart is due out on 10 May and can be preordered now.

The full dates for Gabrielle’s UK tour are below – details are available by clicking here.

Gabrielle 2025 UK tour dates

April 2 – Glasgow, SEC Armadillo

April 4 – Newcastle, O2 City Hall

April 5 – Birmingham, Resorts World Arena

April 8 – Hull, Connexin Live

April 9 – Sheffield, City Hall

April 11 – Cardiff, Utilita Arena

April 12 – Manchester, AO Arena

April 15 – Brighton, Centre

April 18 – London, The O2

April 19 – Bournemouth, International Centre