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Zac Efron shows off his manhood in new viral clip

By Will Stroude

Zac Efron 10

Zac Efron may have flashed his abs for us at the MTV Movie Awards last Sunday (April 13), but he shows an altogether more intimate part of his body to a group of potential workmates in a new viral video for upcoming film Neighbours.

The clip sees the 26-year-old hunk compete with his Neighbours co-star Seth Rogen for a job with the cast of Comedy Central sitcom Workaholics, with some slightly unexpected – and amazing – results.

After Rogen convinces the team that they should hire someone Jewish, Zac decides to prove his Jewish heritage by showing everyone his “f**king gorgeous” circumcised penis.

“There, see? Full circumcised”, says Zac while flashing his appendage to the team – who them declare Efron’s manhood “magnificent”.

Well Zac, it certainly looks like you’ve passed that test with flying colours.

You can watch and enjoy the full video below.

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