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YouTuber Doug Armstrong has released his debut EP ‘It’s Okay to be Gay’

The openly gay singer wants the song to help others struggling with their sexuality

By Steve Brown

YouTuber and musician Doug Armstrong has released his debut EP ‘It’s Okay to be Gay’.

The openly gay YouTuber – who has amassed more than 274, 162 followers – recorded the humorous and edgy song onto his social media channel last year but now the song has been made available to stream and download on Spotify and Apple Music.

Speaking about the song – which includes the lyrics ‘I really like dick, bum and balls’ – said: “There are so many LGBT youths who are struggling with their sexual identity, and I’m very lucky to have a platform where I can reach them and let them know things get better.

“I wrote these songs to show people that they shouldn’t be afraid to embrace their sexuality and talk (or even sing and dance) about it freely.

“I often get messages asking for advice about being gay or how to come out, and as giving individual advice can be tricky, I resorted to what I know best – music – to reach people and lead by example in showing comfort in being my unreserved self so publicly.

“Having been creating content online regularly for five years, my audience has seen me grow and develop as a person.

“Five years ago I was not out online nor to my parents, and barely even had things figured out for myself.

“Year on year I’ve become more comfortable in my own skin, and more confident in sharing that online.

“I hope that by expressing myself and conveying my journey and experiences through music, other people who are still figuring out their own struggles may be able to relate and find comfort in the fact they are not alone, and hopefully even love themselves more as a result.”

You can stream and download ‘It’s Okay to be Gay’ on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to the song below: