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Young Royals officially wraps filming on third and final season 

"I love you. we love you. forever"

By Emily Maskell

Omar Rudberg, Edvin Ryding and Malte Gårdinger filming Young Royals.
Omar Rudberg, Edvin Ryding and Malte Gårdinger filming Young Royals. (Image: Netflix)

Netlfix’s beloved Young Royals has officially completed filming its third season, which will be it’s last. 

The Swedish show has garnered a dedicated fanbase online, the response to this final season torn between sadness and optimism for the show to end on a good note.

Young Royals has charted the romance of Prince Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) and Simon (Omar Rudberg) with scandalous drama and heartwarming sweetness.

However, there’s an insidious presence in the show in the form of August (Malte Gårdinger), Wilhelm’s second cousin vying for power.

Edvin tweeted on Wednesday (28 June) that he was overwhelmed by the end of filming and the fan messages he’d also received.

“That’s all. feeling all kinds of emotions right now and have been for the last 24hrs. but just know this, the gratitude i feel is insane. i love you. we love you. forever.”

He continued: “I’ll try to convert my thoughts into text tomorrow, not really functioning right now hahah.”

This bittersweet final chapter of Young Royals will hopefully continue on from season two’s cliffhanger. Prince Wilhelm dramatically broke royal protocol with a speech that left even the Queen stunned.

“The gratitude i feel is insane”

Furthermore, in the images on-set of season three, Simon appears in his famous purple jumper – so hopefully things for the pair will end on a happy chord.

“This first episode is going to be wow!” Edvin said in a clip teasing the forthcoming season.

Previously, on the final season, Edvin also remarked: “The fact that we’re able to do the final chapter feels very important to us”.

Omar added: “It’s a little sad because it has been such a fun time with the whole Young Royals thing.” 

“But everything good has to end. But, instead of thinking ‘Oh, it’s going to end. FML,’ you should probably think, ‘Thank you for making it happen’ and that it existed,” he also noted.

Young Royals is available to stream on Netflix with season three’s release date to be announced.