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Will Smith reveals what he makes of son Jaden’s gender-fluid dressing

By Troy Nankervis

Will Smith has commended his “fearless” son Jaden’s gender-fluid style, revealing he’s proud of the young actor and model for using fashion campaigns and his social media reach to break down cultural and social barriers.

Last month, the 17-year-old Jaden appeared shirtless in a leather skirt for Vogue Korea, while also modelling in womenswear as the face of the Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2016 Campaign.

A photo posted by Jaden Smith (@christiaingrey) on

Will told BBC Radio 1 Extra host DJ A.Dot the fashion shoots among his son’s other artistic endeavours demonstrated a “fearless” attitude, which as a parent was both frightening and inspiring.

“There’s a really powerful internal quality as an artist that as parents we encourage,” he said.

“You’ve got to get out on the edge. You have to try things, you have to be comfortable doing things people don’t agree with and you have to be comfortable with doing things that you could fail.

“And Jaden is 100 per cent fearless. He will do anything. As a parent, it’s scary, it’s really terrifying but he is completely willing to live and die by his own artistic decisions and he just doesn’t concern himself with what people think.”

“Just Come Here”

A photo posted by Jaden Smith (@christiaingrey) on

When asked if he had any regrets with the way in raising his children with “a lot of freedom of expression”, which including 15-year-old Willow and 23-year-old Trey, Smith joked about his parenting style.

“I think it may have been a mistake. I think we may have gone too far.”

You can watch the full interview below:

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