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Will & Grace star Sean Hayes reveals life-threatening health scare on the Ellen show

By Joshua Haigh

Will & Grace 

star Sean Hayes appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday (October 25) and revealed he had experienced a life-threatening health scare just two weeks earlier.

The actor, who recently hit back at critics for saying his Will & Grace character was “too gay”, suffered excruciating pain after his small intestine burst open, causing deadly poisons to leak into his body.

During his interview with Ellen, Hayes explained how he went to bed one night but woke up in a massive amount of pain.

“I went to bed at night and all of a sudden I felt this excruciating pain in my stomach. So I went to the ER and, thank God I did. I had a very rare thing where my small intestine burst open and it was poisoning my body.”

He explained: “They went in there and clipped off the bad part and put it back together.”

The actor was then forced to cancel all work commitments as he recovered from the condition and was kept in hospital for several weeks. His appearance on the Ellen show was also postponed by two weeks as he recovered.

Following their serious discussion, the pair decided to lift the mood by playing a quick game. Hayes brought in a breathing device he had to use while in the hospital.

The actor explained: “So, what you do is you suck in, and you breathe. It’s for your lungs, so you don’t get pneumonia because it could build up fluids in your lungs. So it’s to keep your lungs strong.”

He shows the talk show host how to use the breathing devices before challenging Ellen: “Whoever can suck their balls the hardest, wins!”

But who won? Watch the video below to find out:

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